Telltale signs that Pokemon Go will debut in Malaysia soon: Report

A Pokemon Go player attempting to catch one of the creatures at Connaught Place in New Delhi, India.
A Pokemon Go player attempting to catch one of the creatures at Connaught Place in New Delhi, India. PHOTO: EPA

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - There are strong signs that Pokemon Go will debut in Malaysia very soon.

Internet users have unearthed a cached webpage from a prepaid mobile service provider website, which announced that a promotion is available to Pokemon trainers.

The leaked document, which stated that the provider is partnering with mobile ride-sharing app Grab, stated that the mobile prepaid brand will be offering free rides to the nearest PokeStop between 10am and 7pm on Tuesday (Aug 2) and Wednesday.

PokeStops are locations where Pokemon trainers can replenish Poke Balls devices used to capture Pokemon.

The first 20 trainers will also get US$100 (S$540) worth of PokeCoins, which is the in-game currency. Trainers are players who catch and train Pokemon for battles in the game.

A telco spokesman confirmed that the company will be partnering with Grab on a Pokemon Go promotion.


He said the promotion involved PokeCoins but declined to reveal more details. The promotion is expected to be launched on Monday at Tavern13, a restaurant in Petaling Jaya.

That is not all Pokemon fans are excited about.

Malaysia, which was initially left out in the Pokemon Go craze during the announcement of the creation of servers in eight countries in Asia, will finally get its own server soon.

It was revealed by a website keeping tabs on server statuses of massively multiplayer online games

Apparently, some people even noticed the Malaysian server going online last Saturday morning for a short while before it went offline later. It was believed to be a test run.

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm since its launch on July 6, with reports of servers struggling to meet the high volume of users.

The augmented-reality game requires players to go outdoors and "catch" Pokemon via the geo-location on their smartphones.

Pokemon Go was first released in United States, Australia, Germany and Britain.

But, Japan, the country of origin where game company Nintendo started the mythical creature franchise 20 years ago, had to wait 12 days after its launch to receive the game.

Game Freak, the primary developer of Pokemon and Niantic, its partner in developing the new mobile game, later issued an apology to the Japanese public for the delay.