Tech Bytes: Wall Street Journal database hacked

Wall Street Journal database hacked

New York-based international daily The Wall Street Journal said last Friday that its systems had been hacked, and customer records had been compromised.

In a letter to its customers, Mr William Lewis, CEO of publisher Dow Jones, wrote that "credit card and contact information for fewer than 3,500 individuals have been accessed".

He added that the company is working with law enforcement and a cyber-security firm to investigate the attack.

Facebook is testing emoji reactions

Facebook users may soon be able to respond to a post with more than just a simple thumbs-up Like icon.

The social media giant is trialling six additional emojis to join the Like button. They are Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry.

Currently, only users in Ireland and Spain can test out the new animated emojis, but depending on how the trial goes, they could be soon rolled out to Facebook users all over the globe.

PS 4 universal remote control for Oct release

A universal remote control for the PlayStation 4 will be released later this month in the United States.

The device will be priced at US$30 (S$42) and replaces the DualShock controller for non-gaming applications, such as watching videos.

It will be compatible with apps such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, HBO Go, Twitch and YouTube.

The remote control will pair with the PlayStation 4 via a Bluetooth connection, and can control up to three additional devices.

Amazon launches Etsy rival

Amazon has launched Handmade at Amazon (, an online portal that lists factory-free handcrafted items sold directly from artisans.

It looks set to take on Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods that went public in April.

There are currently products from over 60 countries listed, and items on sale include walnut cufflinks from Australia and wooden lamps from Italy.

Every artisan listed on Handmade also has an accompanying profile, describing his background and how the goods are made.

Apple shops to open in India next month

It may seem odd that the Cupertino tech giant does not yet have a retail presence in India, but until now it has been off the cards because of a ruling regarding "local-sourcing norms" for foreign investments in retail, says The Times of India. 

But all that is looking to change next month as Apple has inked a deal with conglomerate Tata to put Apple shops inside stores of Tata's consumer electronics retail chain Croma.

There will be six shops to start with, although this may be expanded in future.

Lisabel Ting

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