Tech Bytes: Lexus unveils hoverboard

A prototype model of a floating board "Hoverboard" from Toyota's luxury brand Lexus.
A prototype model of a floating board "Hoverboard" from Toyota's luxury brand Lexus.PHOTO: AFP

Lexus unveils hoverboard

After months of development and tantalising teaser trailers, luxury carmaker Lexus has finally unveiled a working hoverboard.

The Slide uses a combination of magnets, superconductors and liquid nitrogen to create magnetic levitation. The downside? You need a magnetic track for the board to hover on.

Adidas buys fitness app maker Runtastic

Adidas shelled out just under US$240 million (S$332 million) to acquire fitness technology company Runtastic last Wednesday. The firm owns several fitness apps for everything from mountain biking to sleep tracking, and also a Runtastic GPS watch and a fitness tracker.

The acquisition puts adidas in fighting-fit shape against rival sportwear maker Nike, which has a strong app presence in the fitness technology space.

PlayStation Now for PS TV and PS Vita

Sony has launched its game streaming service PlayStation Now for its handheld console PlayStation Vita, and micro console PlayStation TV.

The service was already available on PlayStation 3s and 4s in the United States and Canada since last year.

There is no word yet on when the service will be coming to Singapore.

Xiaomi overtakes Apple in China

Apple has been dethroned as the smartphone market leader in China by two of the country's local brands.

Apple had occupied the No. 1 spot in China for the past two quarters.

The latest estimates from industry analysis firm Canalys now have Xiaomi leading with 15.9 per cent of the Chinese market share and Huawei a hair behind at 15.7 per cent.

While Canalys did not release third-placed Apple's market share, another report from Counterpoint Research forecast a 15.8 per cent share for Xiaomi, 15.4 per cent for Huawei and 12.2 per cent for Apple, according to TechCrunch.

Win tickets to Man U v Liverpool match

Phone and accessory maker Oppo will be giving away a pair of tickets each to four customers to catch two football giants, Manchester United and Liverpool, face off at Anfield next January in an English Premier League (EPL) match.

To win the passes plus airfare and accommodation, customers have to purchase an Oppo smartphone under a Singtel two-year mobile contract.

The contest runs until Nov 15 this year.

Reddit to ban 'annoying' groups

After a tumultuous few months at Reddit, which saw the departure of several key personnel including former interim CEO Ellen Pao, the forum website announced an update to its content policy.

New CEO Steve Huffman said the company would ban the "handful of communities that exist solely to annoy other Redditors".

The company began the purge by dropping the ban hammer on some of its most infamous racist communities.

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