Tailor-made tech: Level up the way you work or play with custom-built computers

Home-grown brand Dreamcore is looking to change the way Singaporeans buy custom-built computers by making the process easy and accessible even for less tech-savvy consumers

Dreamcore was one of the 15 finalists for the Emerging Enterprise Award 2021, which recognises the best young start-ups in Singapore. PHOTO: DREAMCORE

In today’s world where everything from cakes to cars can be tailor-made and personalised, custom-built computers are still a relative rarity. This is likely because most consumers find getting one too complex to attempt. The common belief is that one needs to have a lot of technical knowledge to build or purchase a custom computer.

On a mission to change this mindset is Singapore’s fastest-growing custom computer brand Dreamcore, which is offering a complete guided experience so that consumers can get a desktop or laptop with the exact specifications to suit their needs.

Demystifying the custom computer

Dreamcore was founded in 2016 with the mission to make the process of purchasing custom computers simple and easy to understand, even for less tech-savvy customers. Last year, the brand emerged as one of the 15 finalists for the Emerging Enterprise Award 2021, which recognises the best young start-ups in Singapore.

The home-grown brand puts a strong focus on the customer experience and offers a guided process which includes a personalised consultation session with each customer, to better understand their requirements for the computer they intend to purchase.

Less tech-savvy customers, and those who may be on the fence when deciding on certain specifications, will find this guided experience extremely useful. Customers can describe to the consultant what they would like to use their computer for, without having to deal with technical knowledge or terminology. The consultant would then translate these requirements into a custom desktop or laptop build with the matching specifications.

The result is a customised computer with tailor-built specifications that suit the customer’s requirements, as well as budget.

Going beyond gaming

Most people associate custom-built computers with gaming “rigs”, which are typically large, powerful desktop tower setups that are made to handle the latest and most demanding game titles.

Dreamcore co-founders (from left to right): Mr Eugene Lim, Mr Shaun Tan, and Mr Kwan Wei Zhong. PHOTO: DREAMCORE

But visit the Dreamcore website and you will see that the brand offers a range of custom computer builds designed for different uses, from the productivity-focused Dreambook Touch 15 laptop that is perfect for business professionals, to the Ghost and Phantom series desktop computers that hardcore gamers will love. There are also the Dream Machine and Reverie ranges that are specially designed for content creators, such as graphic designers and video editors.

This move to offer custom-built computers with a wide range of specifications is part of Dreamcore’s mission to bring more quality custom-built computers to Singaporeans. With its non-gaming builds, the brand is aiming to help more consumers, such as business professionals and content creators, get a customised desktop or laptop that perfectly suits their needs.

This initiative has started to take off, as Dreamcore saw accelerated growth in 2020, when most Singaporeans had to work from home due to the pandemic.  In 2020 alone, the team achieved more than double year-on-year revenue growth and expanded its staff strength by 50 per cent to support growing customer interest.

During this time, business professionals and content creators alike saw the need to have a professional home setup so that they could work from home more efficiently, with many turning to Dreamcore to get custom-built computers.

In fact, enterprise users make up a chunk of Dreamcore’s customers. These include large multi-national corporations as well as universities and institutes of higher learning. Its workstations were used by the NDP 2021 team to design and produce the amazing show that Singapore witnessed.

Quality testing and excellent after sales service

When Dreamcore started selling custom computers at their first IT Show in 2016, the company sold only 17 builds. Today, the brand has expanded rapidly and has produced more than 15,000 builds to date.

All Dreamcore computers are built according to customers' specifications at its 10,000 square-foot Dream Centre. PHOTO: DREAMCORE

After an order is placed, each Dreamcore computer takes an average 45 minutes to be custom-built by an expert. It then goes through another eight hours of testing to ensure that the machine runs smoothly before the build is then handed over to the customer, all ready to use.

To offer customers absolute transparency for each desktop and laptop they buy, Dreamcore documents all the test results, which are then passed to the user. Customers are also welcomed to do their own testing to corroborate the performance of their new computers.

Dreamcore also makes after-sales service and customer education one of the company’s priorities, with the brand focusing a lot of its recent growth on expanding its after-care service team to manage customer enquiries. 

Dream Centre and the Dreamcore Fusion 15

As part of its efforts to better engage and serve customers, Dreamcore launched its Dream Centre in December 2021. The 10,000 square-foot space, located at the Precise Tree building in Tai Seng, houses the company’s office, a retail and service experience centre, and an e-sports training room, among other facilities.

Customers who want to get a Dreamcore computer can now walk-in to the Dream Centre and be attended by a staff member, who can then take them through the consultation and computer customisation process.

The Dreamcore Fusion 15 laptop comes with discrete graphics card options that can run today's modern games without fuss. PHOTO: DREAMCORE

While you are there, you may want to check out Dreamcore’s latest laptop, the Dreamcore Fusion 15. This slim, 15-inch laptop is specially designed for content creators, as well as those who love to play games on the go.

Featuring a stylish, black aluminium alloy chassis, this laptop comes with options for either an FHD 240Hz or high-resolution QHD 165Hz display. Customers can choose the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 discrete graphics card that is suitable for most uses, or power up the laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card for smoother, sharper graphics and take full advantage of the QHD screen option.

Powering the Dreamcore Fusion 15 is the 11th generation Intel Core i7-11800h processor with a base configuration of 8GB of RAM. Should you need a more powerful setup, Dreamcore lets you configure this laptop with up to 32GB of RAM. Similarly, the laptop comes with a minimum 500GB of storage, customisable up to 2TB, which is perfect for content creators to store large image files, or for gamers to download an entire library of titles.

A custom-built computer for everyone

With a wide range of quality, customisable builds designed to suit different users, getting a computer tailor-made to one’s needs is no longer the intimidating process that it used to be.

From gamers who need one of the best rigs with top-end specifications to the slim and light productivity laptops that lets you work anywhere, there is indeed a custom-built computer for everyone.

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