Logitech case makes typing a breeze

The Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case offers all-round protection for your iPad Pro. PHOTO: LOGITECH
The Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case offers all-round protection for your iPad Pro. PHOTO: LOGITECH

The Apple iPad Pro's large 12.9-inch display makes it ideal as a laptop replacement. But you need a good keyboard in order to make it happen.

Apple's Smart Keyboard works great but lacks backlit keys, which is not the case with the Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Pro.

In retail shops, the Create is available only in black. But on Apple's online store, it comes in black, red and blue (version tested).

I found it a little difficult to insert the iPad Pro into the case; a bit of hard pressing and shoving was required. But being a folio case, the Create offers all-round protection for your precious device, while the Smart Keyboard leaves the back bare.


  • PRICE: $249

    CONNECTIVITY: Apple Smart Connector

    WEIGHT: 725g


  • DESIGN: 4/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

The review unit has a blue fabric-like exterior that is resistant to bumps, scratches and spills. The keyboard lies on the inside of Create's front cover.

On top of the keyboard is a thin magnetic strip with Apple's Smart Connector. The Create is the first third-party case to work with the Smart Connector, which means no Bluetooth pairing or charging is required. Just lift up the iPad, dock it on the strip and start typing.

Unlike Apple's Smart Keyboard, the Create's keyboard has an extra row of keys for adjusting screen brightness, keyboard backlight brightness, volume and music playback. It not only looks like Apple's laptop keyboards, it feels and sounds like them as well. The keys have very nice tactile response and you can type easily even when the case is resting on your lap. So it easily passes my "lapability" test.

On the downside, the Create makes the iPad screen tilt more towards the user than with Apple's Smart Keyboard. I found myself having to lower my head to look at the iPad screen, which is not the most comfortable posture.

The Create more than doubles the weight of the iPad Pro. You end up with a 1.45kg laptop replacement, which is heavier than an Apple MacBook Air. It also makes the device much thicker at 19.9mm, from its original 6.9mm.

To compare, Apple's Smart Keyboard weighs only 340g and measures 6mm thick.

  • Verdict: Despite its flaws, the Logitech Create is still a great backlit keyboard case for the Apple iPad Pro, especially for those who use the tablet astheir only computing device.
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