Logitech Base: The missing iPad Pro dock

The Logitech Base is good only for charging, not for syncing.
The Logitech Base is good only for charging, not for syncing. PHOTO: LOGITECH

Just bought a 9.7-inch or 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro and want to flaunt it in your office or just admire it on a pedestal? Get the Logitech Base.

Made of high-grade aluminium, this iPad Pro charging dock looks so much like a stand from Apple's iMac that it makes you think Jony Ive might have had a hand in designing this. It is available only in silver, though.

The Smart Connector's pins are sited within a strip of plastic at the base of the stand. There is a Lightning port at the Base's rear.

If you have the Apple Smart Keyboard, you will need to remove it to place the iPad Pro on the Base. But you can leave the Apple Silicone Case attached when docked.

To attach your iPad Pro, align its Smart Connector with the pins on the dock.

Like the Apple Smart Keyboard, built-in magnets help guide the iPad Pro into the right position.


  • PRICE: $149

    CONNECTIVITY: Apple Smart Connector

    WEIGHT: 357g


    FEATURES: 2/5

    DESIGN: 5/5



    OVERALL: 3/5

Plug a Lightning cable that is connected to a power adapter into the Base's Lightning port to charge the iPad Pro.

Once docked, the iPad Pro sits at a 70-degree viewing angle. I prefer a 60-degree one for a more comfortable viewing angle, though.

One bummer is that the Base is good only for charging and not for syncing. I plugged my 12.9-inch iPad Pro to my home's iMac via the Base, and iTunes could not detect the tablet. As good as the dock looks, this totally kills the deal for me, especially given its hefty price of $149.

Furthermore, for its price, it should have come with a power adapter and a Lightning-to-USB cable. But both are not included in the package.

Trevor Tan

  • Verdict: The Logitech Base looks like an iPad Pro dock of Apple's pricing and form factor. But its functionality is limited without sync support.
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