StarHub to trial home surveillance system, marks first foray into smart home market

StarHub is starting trials of its home surveillance system, HubLife.
StarHub is starting trials of its home surveillance system, HubLife.PHOTO: STARHUB

SINGAPORE - StarHub is starting trials of its home surveillance system, marking its first foray into the smart home market.

Dubbed HubLife, the home monitoring system is targeted at busy caregivers who have to take care of young children or elderly relatives.

"Our role is to empower busy caregivers, working dads and moms with the tools to achieve more in life while caring for their loved ones, wherever they are," said Ms Lin Shu Fen, head of family segment and HubLife.

The three-month trial starting on May 2 will involve 300 homes for StarHub to gather feedback on such things as the system's price, bandwidth requirements, ease of use and sensor functionality. Successful applicants will get a free starter kit comprising one gateway (the main hub that all the devices are connected to), one TV-top camera, one camera which can be placed on a wall or ceiling, one presence tag and an entry detector.

Interested applicants can sign up at

Over time, it is hoped that other smart devices like electrical appliances and wearables can be added to the HubLife platform for purposes such as turning on the air conditioning or turning off the lights from your mobile device, or monitoring the vital statistics of an elderly person who is wearing a smart health tracker.

HubLife also supports third-party products, as the system is compatible with AllJoyn-certified gadgets and appliances. AllJoyn is a operational standard for smart electronics, and it includes products from brands such as LG, Asus, Canon, Philips and Sony.