ST Digital's holiday gadget gift guide: For Kids



$20 on Steam for Windows PC; available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android (upcoming)

Cross a sandbox game like Minecraft with an action role-playing game (RPG) and you will probably get something like Portal Knights. But, unlike Minecraft, Portal Knights has an overarching plot that keeps you invested in your player character.

It has standard RPG conventions, like gear upgrades and levelling up via gaining experience points, as well as starting classes like Knight, Archer and Mage. Its cutesy aesthetics are suitable for younger kids. There is a split-screen local co-operative mode that lets you play together with your child.


US$150 (S$202) from

Foster the tinkering spirit in your child with the Kano computer kit. It is a complete Raspberry Pi-powered system (monitor not included) that can be assembled by the young and curious.

The computer runs on the custom Kano operating system and comes with 150 hours of guided challenges, tutorial and projects that teach your child how to code. Users can share their projects online via the Kano World website. Third-party apps like VLC and Gmail are available for download from the Kano World website.



Unleash your child's Star Wars fantasies with Ubtech's Stormtrooper robot.

Bark orders at this 11-inch tall robot to patrol a designated area and ward off intruders. It recognises and stores up to three faces, and responds differently to each person that it remembers.

Included is a mobile game with first-and third-person augmented reality features that lets you and your child launch attacks against rebel fighters.

To allay security concerns, Ubtech says the robot does not link to the Internet, while the Wi-Fi communication between the robot and the app is encrypted.


$39.90 (wired), $79.90 (wireless)

Let your kids enjoy music, games and movies without worrying about damaging their tender ears with JBL's first line of kids' headphones.

Intended for children aged three to 10, its volume maxes out at 85 decibels. Its flexible ear cushions are built for a child's smaller ears, sealing off the outside world so that they do not need to strain to hear.

For a tangle-free experience, JBL has a wireless Bluetooth version (JR300BT) that offers up to 12 hours of playback on a full charge.

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