Stylish and easy to use iPhone power bank

Boostcase by Carte Blanche for iPhone 6/6s is available in several colours.
Boostcase by Carte Blanche for iPhone 6/6s is available in several colours.PHOTO: BOOSTCASE

Used by celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart, the Boostcase by Carte Blanche seems to be the default battery case for the fashion-conscious.

Consisting of a snap case and modular battery sleeve, it is available here in black, gold, clear, clear black, clear pink and clear blue.

The snap case has several holes at the back. The design allows the case to be securely attached to the four small circular bumps on the battery sleeve. At the base of the sleeve is a micro-USB port for charging, a power switch and a touch-activated LED strip battery indicator.

It is easy to snap the case on and remove the battery sleeve.


    PRICE: $129


    WEIGHT: 117g


    DESIGN: 5/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

When slotted into Boostcase, the iPhone 6 Plus cannot be synced with a computer via the micro-USB connection. It is probably easier to remove the snap case from the sleeve to do so. The Boostcase was able to charge an iPhone 6s from 50 per cent to full power in 1hr 17min, while draining only half of its power bank.

Trevor Tan

Verdict: This is for those who need both form and functionality.

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