OPPO Reno: The smartphone to get in 2019

Further your vision with the new OPPO Reno series. PHOTO: OPPO
Further your vision with the new OPPO Reno series. PHOTO: OPPO

The latest innovation by OPPO is now officially available in Singapore

With the official release of OPPO’s latest Reno series two weeks ago, the smartphone brand has further cemented its reputation for smartphone design innovation. OPPO unveiled the first edition of its new Reno series - Reno Standard -- in Singapore on April 25. The Reno Flagship edition is slated for release sometime in June.

But how does the Reno Standard live up to its pre-release hype? The verdict below.

A unique pop-up for your selfie

The unique pop-up mechanism on the OPPO Reno series. PHOTO: OPPO

Following this year’s trend of smartphone pop-ups and sliders, OPPO takes on a rather unique approach with the Reno Standard’s front camera. The 16-megapixel front camera is housed in a shark-fin-like wedge that automatically pops up from the top of the phone. Within the compact wedge, you can find the front camera, front-facing soft light, receiver and rear flash.

For those of you who are not used to handling a protruding mechanism on your phone, fret not. Even if you are using the front camera up to 100 times daily, the pop-up camera wedge is able to last over five years. As an added safety measure, the phone has a built-in fall detection sensor which will automatically retract the camera to prevent damage.

A sleeker, bezel-less design

The OPPO Reno series sporting a sleek, notch-less frame. PHOTO: OPPO

Avid fans of OPPO will know that it is not the first time the company has done away with notches on their phones. An improved and sleeker version of OPPO’s past releases, the Reno Standard flaunts a sleek 6.4 inch all-screen panel unblemished by any notches or noticeable bezels.

The power switch and volume buttons sit on each side of the phone and are placed near the middle of the body, thus making it effortless to reach them with the fingers of the hand holding the phone. The Reno Standard has a symmetrical design with drop-resistant cover glass on both surfaces and an aluminium alloy frame.

With a screen-to-body ratio of over 93.1 per cent and weighing only 185g, the sleek and ultra-slim silhouette of the Reno Standard not only looks good, but also feels good and seamless in your hands and pockets.

Capture moments in High-Definition

Captured on the OPPO Reno's 48-megapixel camera. PHOTO: OPPO

Why lug around a bulky camera when you can just whip out a smartphone from your pocket. Delivering nothing short of high resolution and high definition photos, the Reno series will be your next go-to photography tool.

Boasting a 48-megapixel prowess, the rear camera used in OPPO’s new Reno series uses Sony’s IMX586 1-2-inch large sensor which helps to capture moments in super high resolution with more vivid colour accuracy. Featuring a large f/1.7 aperture, the Reno series – with five stylish bokeh settings – allows you to effortlessly capture professional and stylish shots.

Sharp and vivid night photography captured with the OPPO Reno. PHOTO: OPPO

Night photography is a walk in the park with Reno’s Ultra Night Mode 2.0 function which allows users to capture sharp and vivid shots at night and under low-lit conditions. It puts a series of shots through multi-frame noise reduction and some HDR (High-dynamic-range) processing magic to produce sharp, vivid shots with optimised colour details.

Using Multi-frame Noise Reduction (MFNR) and HDR, the Reno offers noise reduction, hand-held stabilisation support, superior low-light performance, wider dynamic range, and a series of complex algorithms to offer a superior night shot.

The new addition of the so-called Artistic Portrait Mode which helps to differentiate between the subject and background, thus ensuring that the skin tone is enhanced but not artificially brightened. The result is a more professionally-taken night shot that is not over-exposed.

Direct your own Hollywood-esque film

4K video recording supported by the Ultra Night Mode function on OPPO Reno. PHOTO: OPPO

Good news for aspiring filmmakers: The future of film-making lies in your hand with OPPO’s new Reno Standard smartphone. Despite its slim frame, the smartphone supports 4K video recording at an impressive video frame rate of 30fps. This means your footage has more detailed graphics, better picture movements, and higher image resolution and definition.

You can now shoot your videos as though it was shot on a movie set. With Reno Standard, even your home videos and video blogs can look like it has been filmed by a professional.

Be a professional photographer with OPPO Reno

Stay tuned for OPPO x Magnum Campaign and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes. PHOTO: OPPO

If you have an eye for photography or simply looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent, OPPO is providing a global platform to connect all photography lovers.

From May 17, take part in OPPO x Magnum Campaign and be one of the 20 global winners to win exclusive prizes including OPPO Reno smartphone, exposure on OPPO’s platforms, photoshoot opportunity with OPPO, membership for Magnum’s talent programme and more. The winners will be chosen based on the creativity and story behind the shots.

Stay tuned for more information.