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Newings W200 - suitable for travel

The Newings W200 Ola Fun 3G's call quality is on a par with other phones.
The Newings W200 Ola Fun 3G's call quality is on a par with other phones.ST PHOTO: TREVOR TAN

The Newings W200 Ola Fun 3G phone comes with dual SIM support, making it suitable for travellers who need a basic phone.

Only one of the SIM slots supports 3G - the other 2G slot is useful only in places outside Singapore.

It has the largest display in this roundup with a 2.4-inch (320 x 240 pixels) screen. It is bright, too, but the vertical viewing angle is terrible.

The screen size makes a difference when navigating its interface. The fonts are larger than other phones'. However, using its built-in browser is just as clunky as other feature phones - typing in an URL using the numeric keypad takes too much effort.

Don't be fooled by the Facebook icon. It is simply a browser shortcut that opens the social media website rather than a dedicated app.

Its plastic chassis feels cheap. It is a bit rougher than the other phones here. The white plastic back also gets scuffed and picks up dirt easily.

The keypad has a blue backlight, but not all the keys are evenly illuminated because the backlight is not embedded centrally.

Call quality is on a par with that of other phones. It sounds clear even when the other side is speaking from a noisy canteen.

Its 0.3-megapixel camera takes dark and grainy images. Photos can be delivered via Bluetooth or a micro-USB cable to another device. They can also be stored in a microSD card (up to 8GB).

It does not come with any games, but multimedia features like the FM radio and an audio player should keep you entertained. There is a video player but I cannot imagine anyone watching a video on such a small screen.

The phone costs $75 (with a one-year warranty). I have seen it being sold at a much lower price online, but without a warranty.

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