LG Cam Plus: Buttons are responsive

The launch button on the Cam Plus works even when the phone is locked.
The launch button on the Cam Plus works even when the phone is locked.PHOTO: LG

The LG Cam Plus is a module that is meant to turn a smartphone into a traditional point- and-shoot digital camera. It adds on a camera grip and zoom wheel, as well as physical shutter, launch and record buttons.

The module itself is quite basic, with a flat, grey textured plastic handgrip that covers about a third of the phone.

It is meant to be used with the phone in landscape mode, with the shutter and record buttons on the top, the zoom wheel at the corner and the launch button on the right.

While the additional grip does make the phone a little easier to handle with one hand, it is not particularly ergonomic as it is completely flat, and reaching the launch button during one-handed usage is a little tricky.

All the buttons are responsive, and the launch button works even when the phone is locked.

However, I found that because of the low profile of the buttons and the very smooth scrolling on the zoom wheel, there was very little tactile feedback overall, and often I had to wait for an on-screen response to know if I had pressed a button or not.

Its 1,200mAh battery also needs to be charged separately, and cannot draw power from the G5 if it is flat.

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