Control your air-conditioner remotely with Momit Cool

You can manage the device from your smartphone, using its app that's available on Android or iOS

The Momit Cool app also displays other information, such as the weather forecast for the next six days.
The Momit Cool app also displays other information, such as the weather forecast for the next six days.PHOTO: MOMIT

The Momit Cool is a smart device that lets you control your air-conditioner remotely with a smartphone.

It is similar to the Tado Smart AC and Ambi Climate that we tested earlier this year.

Connect the Momit Cool to your home network and then manage the device from your smartphone using the Momit Cool app (available on Android and iOS).

The Momit Cool starter kit consists of two devices.

The Momit Gateway is a small dongle that hooks up to your router via Ethernet and communicates with the Momit Cool Pod, a triangular device that you physically attach to your air-conditioner with adhesive strips.

While setting up the Momit Cool device using its app, you will be asked to point your air-conditioner's remote at the Pod for it to receive and learn the remote's infrared commands. Once this is done, you will be able to control the air-conditioner using the Momit Cool app.


    PRICE: $201.24


    SENSORS: Temperature and humidity


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 3/5



    OVERALL: 3/5

Because it learns the infrared commands, the Momit Cool should work with all conventional air-conditioners with infrared remote controls, but not for homes with central air-conditioning.

This is still better than the Tado and Ambi Climate smart devices, which work with a select list of compatible air-conditioning units.

However, I was able to adjust only the temperature of my air-conditioner, but not the fan speed.

Occasionally, the Momit Cool gets confused about whether the air-conditioner is on or off. This usually happens if I had used the air-conditioner's remote control instead of the Momit Cool app.

Besides manually turning on the air-conditioner with the app, you can create a schedule for the air-conditioner to run at a set temperature at a specific time and day.

A geo-location feature lets you turn on the air-conditioner, depending on how far you (and your smartphone) are from home.

The app displays other information, such as the weather forecast for the next six days. You can also control multiple Momit Cool Pods in the same house. And if you happen to own another house, you can use the same app to manage the Momit Cool Pods at that location, too.

The Budget feature, which is supposed to forecast the energy bill from using the air-conditioning, is not available yet.

Distributed locally by Ban Leong, the Momit Cool will be available next month at $201.24 for the starter kit, which includes a Momit Cool Pod and the necessary Gateway module. Additional Pods are available at $123.24.

•Verdict: The Momit Cool is more affordable than its competitors, but it is missing a much-touted feature.

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