Challenger launches e-marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of used smartphones

SINGAPORE - Electronics superstore Challenger Technologies has launched an e-marketplace, dubbed Andios, for customers to buy and sell used smartphones.

The website,, has about 200 phones listed on it to date. It effort is backed by Challenge Ventures, the subsidiary investment arm of Challenger Technologies.

A new company of the same name was set up to spearhead the effort, with Ben Tan, former chief operating officer of Challenger Technologies, heading it. The company hopes that by collating many listings in a single place, it will be easier for customers to compare prices and phone models.

Early next year, the company will be introducing two additional services: Andios Data Wipe and Andios Diagnostics. The Data Wipe services offers an industrial-strength data wipe to completely remove all personal information from a phone, as a factory reset can sometimes still leave some data intact.

Diagnostics is a service where customers can put their phone through a 40-point diagnostic test, and if they pass, Andios will certify them to be in good working condition in the online listing.