Self-balancing smart suitcase follows you around

The latest so-called smart suitcase, that's a suitcase that follows you around, has only two wheels and auto-balancing technology and a price yet to be announced.

LAS VEGAS (REUTERS) The luggage that lugs itself around.

It is called the Puppy 1 because it is supposed to follow you like a faithful hound.

Actually it is following a small wireless remote that you carry instead of your carry on.

It is one of at least three self-propelling suitcases released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week but its developers - Chinese start up 90FUN - say this self balancer is what we have all been waiting for.

"I bet you've heard of a lot of 'we are the first in with a smart suitcase in the world' but this one is totally different because we self-balance. We use Segway technology inside," said 90FUN Smart Suitcase Product Manager, Clark Wu.

If it is stolen or lost, the company says you can track it with GPS.

Security features include a fingerprint reader and an immobiliser to lock the wheels - in case a thief does not want to pick it up and the company admits it wants to reduce its weight

"I think the first thing is we have to lower the price and lower the weight. I think the weight is a problem because we have these two six-inch wheels which take up a lot of weight. The other thing is we need a detachable batteries," added Wu.

Forget self driving cars or self propelled golf bags - the self-propelled suitcase is coming.