Samsung’s latest QLED 8K technology is the future of TV

Samsung QLED 8K
Leap into the future with Samsung’s latest QLED 8K technology. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Here are six ways why screen time at home will never be the same again

It seems like it was only yesterday 4K resolution was making waves when it changed the level of visual detail and clarity we had come to expect from our screens. But there is no reason to stop the march of progress towards the next tier of TV technology, especially as popular shows such as Netflix documentary Our Planet and HBO series Game of Thrones begin to capture stunning images in ways never before seen on the small screen.

Newly launched in Singapore, Samsung’s QLED 8K redefines ultra-high definition TV. And it’s not just a viewing experience with super sharp and crystal-clear images that will make you go wow.

1. A new level of depth and detail

Samsung’s QLED 8K reality
Samsung’s 8K reality reveals the smallest details in every scene, bringing you true-to-life picture quality. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

The big deal about 8K resolution is that it offers more than 33 million pixels, which is four times that of a 4K TV and 16 times that of a Full HD TV. The more pixels in a screen, the sharper the resolution.

This means that you can spot details so fine you feel like you are in the depths of the action — be it alongside a cat on the hunt in Our Planet or in the middle of an epic battle between man and wight in Game of Thrones.

Samsung QLED 8K and Full HD TV
The QLED 8K is packed with 16 times the resolution of Full HD, bringing crisp and clear images to a whole new dimension. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

2. Transform any content into 8K

For those considering a QLED 8K purchase, the lack of 8K video content in the market remains an elephant in the room.

Enter artificial intelligence (AI). At the heart of every Samsung QLED 8K is a powerful 8K Quantum Processor that uses AI machine learning to upscale existing content, regardless of its source quality or format, to near-8K resolution.

With this 8K AI Upscaling1 feature, you can convert any low-definition and low-quality content into clear and crisp images worthy of an 8K screen. Just imagine what it could do with footage from the cinematic Our Planet series.

3. More control over your TV

Manually browsing through different TV channels and apps can get tiring. This is where your personal voice assistant, Bixby2, comes in.

Samsung Bixby voice assistant
Meet your new personal voice assistant, Bixby, who will give you more control over the TV. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Bixby navigates the settings menu, answers general queries related to topics like the weather and even searches for content that you like. All you have to do is press the microphone button on the TV remote, give an order and, voila, your wish is Bixby’s command.

Taking voice control one step further, the QLED 8K also enables you to adjust the TV volume hands-free or ask Bixby for recommendations without pressing a button on your remote.

4. Turn your TV into a decorative piece

First introduced in 2018, the Magic Screen3 is a unique feature that enables you to apply an interactive background to the virtually bezel-free TV frame, blending it into your living room wall, while displaying information such as weather conditions and time, when it is not in use.

Samsung QLED 8K wall feature
With the QLED 8K, your TV can double up as an interactive wall feature that blends in with your interior. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

5. Achieve the ultimate viewing experience

Building on the Magic Screen’s ability to blend in with your home interior, the TV can be hung almost flushed against the wall with a No Gap Wall-Mount4, intelligently crafted to be embedded in the back of the TV so that it blends in seamlessly with your interior design.

Samsung No Gap Wall-Mount
The No Gap Wall-Mount flushes your compatible Samsung QLED TV against the wall, seamlessly fusing it with your interior. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

You can adjust the wall mount and tilt it slightly to achieve the perfect viewing angle when you’re watching your favourite programme on the couch or on the floor with your children.

The wall mount is easily installed and compatible with the 65- and 75-inch 8K QLEDs.

6. Less distractions, more enjoyment

The smallest things can disrupt an immersive viewing experience, from cable clutter to the time it takes to locate the inputs of external devices. Samsung’s solution to this: the One Invisible Connection5 and One Connect Box6.

Samsung One Invisible Connection One Connect Box
The One Invisible Connection and One Connect Box do away with unsightly wires dangling from the TV. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

Barely visible against a blank wall, the One Invisible Connection is a single translucent cable that powers a full-sized 8K display, while connecting various external devices to your TV through a media receiver called the One Connect Box.

Together, they help to keep things tidy by doing away with unsightly wires dangling from your TV, giving you the freedom to place the QLED 8K anywhere you want it in your room. The convenience doesn’t end there. The One Connect Box also works with the One Remote Control7, a single remote that lets you control all your connected devices without additional connectors or complicated setups.

1 Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. ‘AI Upscaling’ may not apply to PC connection, and certain conditions of Game Mode.
2 Bixby service availability requires Samsung Account login and data connection. Available functions and features may vary by country, region, and language. Bixby is limited to selected languages and certain accents/dialects. Not all accents, dialects, and expressions are recognised, and actual performance may vary depending on pronunciation, voice level, and the surrounding environment.
3 The Magic Screen background setting feature may vary depending on the environment where the TV is installed including, but not limited to, wall designs, patterns, and/or colours.
4 Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type. No Gap Wall-Mount sold separately.
5 The ‘One Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box including the TV power integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to cables connected to other devices such as soundbar.
6 Subject to device compatibility. Devices must be connected to One Connect Box via HDMI cable.
7 Subject to device compatibility. Some features and functions provided by connected devices may not be supported.