Samsung launches new 4K TVs

Samsung's flagship Q9F Qled 65-inch TV will go on sale from May 1 at $8,999.
Samsung's flagship Q9F Qled 65-inch TV will go on sale from May 1 at $8,999. PHOTO: SAMSUNG

SINGAPORE -Samsung today announced the pricing and availability of its latest 4K TVs. The flagship 65-inch Q9F Qled TV is priced at $8,999 and will be available from May 1.

The next tier of Qled TVs - the Q8C series - start from $5,199 for a 55-inch flat screen model. The next cheapest Qled TVs are the Q7F models, which start from $4,599 for a 55-inch version.

First announced at the CES trade show in January, these Qled (short for Quantum Light-Emitting Diode) TVs use quantum-dot technology to produce bright and vibrant-looking images.

They have been certified to accurately reproduce colours at any level of brightness (100 per cent coverage of the DCI-P3 colour space). They also meet the Ultra HD Premium standard from the UHD Alliance for 4K high-dynamic range (HDR) performance.

The new Qled TVs are significantly brighter than last year's models, with a peak brightness of between 1,500 and 2,000 nits compared to 1,000 nits previously. Samsung says that the viewing angles from the sides have been improved from last year's TVs.

Samsung also sells two new stands, a Studio Stand that resembles an easel stand ($799) and the Gravity Stand ($999), which has a conical sculpture base.

Another accessory is the MS6501, which is Samsung's first soundbar with an embedded subwoofer for deeper bass. Both the TV and the soundbar can be powered on by a single power source, thus reducing cable clutter. It costs $449 for the flat-screen version and $549 for the curved version.

For those with more modest budgets, Samsung's MU8000 series of premium UHD TVs offers HDR support and similar smart features. They are available in both curved and flat versions, with screen sizes from 55 to 75 inches. Prices start at $3,099 for the 55-inch flat-screen model, with the 75-inch version topping out at $7,999.