Nespresso Lattissima One: Quick and convenient frothy cuppa at home

Fancy having a cappuccino any time at home? The Nespresso Lattissima One is ideal for you.

This capsule coffee machine also adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen with its sleek design.

There are only three round buttons on top with three options - coffee with milk, espresso and lungo. Above the buttons are two LED lights that alert the user when cleaning and descaling are needed.

At the rear is a rectangular water tank. At the front are the coffee outlet and a milk jug with the milk dispenser.

While some coffee machines have large milk tanks, the Lattissima One uses a small 0.12-litre milk jug. Each time you make a cup of coffee, almost all the milk in the jug will be used up, thereby preventing wastage.

Unlike its cousin, the Creatista Plus, with which you need to froth the milk and pour it into the coffee, the Lattissima One will froth the milk and dispense it into the cup. Great for those who want a cappuccino with minimal fuss.

Furthermore, the Lattissima One is easy to use. It takes only 30 seconds for the machine to be ready after powering up.


  • PRICE: $448

    WEIGHT: 4.2kg


    FEATURES : 3/5

    DESIGN: 4/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

To start brewing, fill up the water tank and the milk jug. Make sure the milk level stays between the minimum and maximum marks of the jug. The machine uses an optical sensor to gauge how much milk is in the jug.

Next place a cup under the coffee outlet and press the coffee with milk button. It takes only 15 seconds before the machine starts to froth the milk and dispense it into the cup. This is followed by the dispensing of coffee. In total, it takes less than one minute to get your coffee.

Using pasteurised fresh milk and Nespresso Arpeggio coffee capsules, my cuppa tastes just like a store-brewed cappuccino. In other words, really good.

On the downside, there is always a little bit of milk left in the jug that cannot be dispensed. So there is still a slight amount of milk wasted.

In addition, you have to clean the milk jug after each use. But thankfully, it is dishwasher-safe and pretty easy to clean as its parts can be dismantled and assembled with minimal effort.

With its rectangular footprint and compact size, it can be easily placed anywhere on your table top. Its small 1-litre water tank means you have to top it up regularly.

• Verdict: The Nespresso Lattissima One is perfect for coffee lovers who like the occasional cappuccino in the comfort of their homes.

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