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With 95 per cent nationwide 5G coverage by Singtel, Singapore is first in the world to enjoy the full benefits of 5G technology

Singtel’s 5G technology opens a wealth of fresh innovation possibilities in the ways that all generations live, work and interact with their surroundings and one another. PHOTO: SINGTEL

You’d have heard all the buzz about 5G and you know it’s the next big thing in the tech industry. But what exactly is 5G, and why is everyone excited about it?

In addition to ultra-high bandwidth, this next-gen mobile connectivity also boasts consistent ultra-low latency – which refers to the time delay in response to any action. This can be as low as 1 millisecond or 100th of the speed of a blink. This will make the 5G mobile experience not only ultra-fast, but also ultra-smooth, secure, responsive and reliable. The best part: the experience is the same wherever you are – on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Just in time for National Day, Singtel has upped the ante even further by achieving over 95 per cent standalone 5G nationwide coverage. This includes more than 1,300 outdoor, over 400 in-building as well as underground locations. This makes Singapore the first country in the world to be fully covered with standalone 5G, the technology standard required to bring about ground-breaking applications and immersive experiences for everyone.

Outdoor events can leverage the reliability of Singtel’s 5G network to distribute real-time UHD content from multiple 5G-enabled devices that are concurrently streaming online globally. PHOTO: SINGTEL

Unlimited possibilities made possible by Singtel’s standalone 5G

5G will benefit everyone, from everyday consumers to researchers working on cutting-edge tech applications. This is because 5G will make all the media applications ubiquitous to our everyday lives even better. Beyond mobile-rich experiences, Singtel’s standalone 5G technology opens a wealth of fresh innovation possibilities in the ways that all generations live, work and interact with their surroundings and one another.

Here’s what has already been made possible, and what you can look forward to more of:

How we interact: The greatest power that technology has afforded us is the ability to connect with the important people in our lives, no matter where they are in the world.

Enjoy a completely seamless 5-way video conference call with the whole family to celebrate grandma's birthday, even if you are all in different time zones; or replicate a true face-to-face meeting experience with your colleagues, complete with high-definition and even three-dimensional video without interruption. The fast and stable connections offered by 5G reduces lags, making multiplayer games even easier on your mobile device. With Singtel’s 5G, cloud gaming will also enable mobile gaming enthusiasts to use location-based features better than they could before.

Singtel has expanded its digital inclusion efforts to help seniors reap the benefits of the digital world, ensuring they are not only equipped with essential digital literacy skills but also have access to reliable 5G connectivity. PHOTO: SINGTEL

How we live: Singtel’s 5G has also brought unparalleled convenience and new experiences to daily life. Recently, Singtel streamed the Singapore Motocross Beach Race fully on 5G, demonstrating its enhanced mobile broadband capability to distribute real-time ultra-high-definition content from multiple 5G-enabled devices that are concurrently streaming over global online mediums.

Another 5G enhanced experience you can look forward to is having your food order delivered to you by a 5G-powered autonomous vehicle robot food delivery service, or being able to watch concert videos of your favourite artistes on your mobile device and tapping on the app to “jump spot” to the front row for a closer view.

How we work: Cutting-edge technology deployed by businesses can have far reaching benefits for everyone in the community. Drones, for example, can be used to monitor water quality, aquatic plant growth and water activities in our reservoirs to keep leaks and wastage at bay, and operational costs low. 

5G is also poised to take augmented reality (AR) to the next level, especially in the medical field.

Imagine a surgery performed by a doctor who is in a completely different place. Since a 5G network virtually eliminates the lag time between a device pinging the network and getting a response it, a surgeon may not need to be in the same room as a patient in the future. This also enables doctors and specialists to transfer their expertise over a great distance using robotics and haptic feedback – all in real-time, thanks to 5G.

Of course, these current abilities are just the tip of the iceberg. With Singtel 5G, the future that we thought was possible only in sci-fi films is now here – only limited by one’s imagination. 

The people powering a 5G nation

What does it take to bring 5G to an entire nation, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic? At Singtel, it was a tireless, company-wide effort to pull off a feat that no other country has yet to achieve, to bring about the connectivity needed to enable Singaporeans to forge closer relationships with one another, innovate effortlessly, and develop digital capabilities for the future.

From the senior management team leading the charge and the engineers and partners who laid the foundation for Singtel’s standalone 5G network, to the customer service staff at a Singtel shop helping an elderly customer make her line more secure with 5G, Singtel’s staff has spared no effort in ensuring that Singaporeans are ready to embrace technology and all the benefits it will herald. 

Bringing 5G to an entire nation required the efforts of all hands on deck at Singtel, such as Mr Kuan Wai Mun (right), who plays a key role in supporting businesses and consumers with a reliable and efficient network. PHOTO: SINGTEL

And this applies to our most important national occasions too – like our 57th National Day. Mr Kuan Wai Mun, Singtel’s Senior Director of Radio Network Quality, plays a key role at this iconic annual event in ensuring Singtel’s network remains strong and able to cater to the increasingly sophisticated demands of spectators at the National Day Parade. This is in addition to his duties supporting our businesses and consumers with a reliable and efficient network as they go about their daily lives. 

With Singapore becoming fully 5G-ready, Mr Kuan is excited for the possibilities ahead, saying: “5G doesn’t just bring people closer, but also uplifts and offers a safer quality of life. I’m proud to play my part in bringing people and communities together.”

Welcome to the future.

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