Acer XB270HU: Best Nvidia G-Sync monitor you can get

The Acer XB270HU.

The Acer XB270HU is the most expensive monitor in this round-up. At $1,099, it costs at least $100 more than the others.

However, it is probably the best choice now if you are considering a monitor that supports the Nvidia G-Sync technology. This is because it is the first Nvidia G-Sync monitor with an in-plane switching (IPS) panel display.

As a result, it has wider viewing angles than its rival Asus ROG Swift PG278Q, which also supports the Nvidia G-Sync technology and shares its high refresh rate of 144Hz. The older ROG Swift PG278Q, which costs $1,199 and is not tested in this round-up, uses a twisted nematic panel instead of an IPS one.

In terms of physical design, the Acer is attractive with an 11mm bezel that is the slimmest of the five displays tested. The monitor has four USB 3.0 ports, two of which are conveniently located at the left side. Like most of its rivals, it can be used in portrait orientation by pivoting the screen. You can also swivel it to the sides by up to 60 degrees.


  • PRICE: $1,099

    RESOLUTION: 2,560 x 1,440 pixels


    FEATURES: 5/5

    DESIGN: 4/5


    VALUE: 4/5

    OVERALL: 5/5

It has the usual on-screen display (OSD) feature, which lets you adjust monitor settings. There are also a handful of predefined settings - or profiles - for gaming, movies and power saving.

But adjusting the OSD can be finicky, as the monitor has only buttons, not a joystick, for you to do so. There are also fewer gaming-centric OSD features compared to the BenQ XL2730Z. For instance, there is no crosshair overlay.

Besides having excellent viewing angles, this monitor scored highest in our colour accuracy test for the five monitors in this round-up. It also has 100 per cent coverage in the sRGB colour space and 82 per cent in the AdobeRGB spectrum. Colours look vibrant enough, although the Acer's colour gamut is not as wide as professional-grade monitors'.


In short, this is still an excellent screen and unique among Nvidia G-Sync monitors with its use of IPS.

That uniqueness could be short-lived though, as other manufacturers are also preparing to launch similar IPS-based Nvidia G-Sync displays. It also faces competition from more affordable monitors that use AMD FreeSync technology, such as the Asus MG279Q featured here.

Vincent Chang

  • Verdict: With excellent viewing angles and accurate colours, the Acer is well worth its price tag.
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