LG launches new 2016 Oled Smart TVs

The LG Signature OLED TV G6. PHOTO: LG

SINGAPORE - Prepare your wallets, as Korean electronics giant LG will be rolling out its new Signature Oled TV series TVs here soon, with prices going as high as $41,999 for its flagship model.

Unlike the more common LED TVs, each pixel of Oled displays can be turned on and off. This provides deeper blacks and better contrast, especially in scenes where there are bright objects placed in dark areas.

Theese LG 4K TVs come with the high dynamic range (HDR) feature that better recreates true-to-life colours, as seen by the human eye. While HDR will be a standard feature on new TVs by the likes of Samsung and Sony in 2016, LG TVs offer an additional Dolby Vision, a format of HDR on TV created by Dolby Laboratories.

Dolby Vision has been made in partnership with Hollywood studios, and offers frame-by-frame HDR performance. Upcoming content that uses Dolby's HDR format includes Netflix's Marco Polo and Daredevil (Season 2).

In addition, the Signature series' Oled panel is only 2.57mm thin - the thickness of four stacked credit cards - and its monolithic design will certainly be a centrepiece in any living rooms.

The LG Signature Oled TV series comes in two display sizes of 65 inches ($12,999) and 77-inches ($41,999). The 65-inch model will start selling by end of this month, while the 77-inch model is expected to be available in the third quarter this year.

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