How to check if your Apple device has been invaded by malware

Customers visiting an Apple shop in Nanjing, China.
Customers visiting an Apple shop in Nanjing, China.PHOTO: AFP

Apple iOS users in Singapore could have downloaded apps infected with malicious software even though the infection reportedly took place in the Chinese App Store. Here are a few things to look out for if you suspect your device is affected.

1. Keep an eye out for suspicious activities or alerts on your iPhones or iPads. For instance, have there been any unsolicited or suspicious alerts such as those that send users to an unknown Web page or prompts that ask for passwords?

2. Watch what you download. If you've downloaded dodgy apps, delete them.

3. Security firm Palo Alto Networks confirmed 39 iOS apps being infected, some of which are extremely popular in China and in other countries around the world. 


The infected iOS apps include WeChat (developed by Tencent); Didi Chuxing (developed by Didi Kuaidi) the most popular Uber-like app in China; Railway 12306, the only official app used for purchasing train tickets in China; China Unicom Mobile Office, which is in use by the biggest mobile carrier in China; and Tonghuashun, one of most popular stock trading apps.