LG Innofest 2017

Highlights of the Jeju show

The transparent glass panel of the LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door fridge lets you see what's in the side compartment without having to open the door.
The transparent glass panel of the LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door fridge lets you see what's in the side compartment without having to open the door.PHOTO: LG

Here are two of the standout products showcased at LG Innofest.


Picture a woman staring at a rain-streaked window. She turns to her right to see another window with sunlight streaming in. That is when you realise that the first window, which you are now looking at from the side, is the Oled W7, LG's latest flagship television set.

This clever trick, used in an LG video ad for the W7, helps to make the case for its ultra-slim profile, which is about as thick as two coins stacked together (2.57mm).

At around 8kg for the 65-inch version, its Oled panel can be mounted on a wall, like a picture frame, using magnets. To complete the illusion, you can hide its single, flat cable, which connects to the companion sound bar, behind a false wall.

This sound bar holds the W7's electronics, as well as provides decent positional audio with its Dolby Atmos support. Two upfiring speakers bounce audio off the ceiling to create a more immersive experience. At LG's demo booth, enabling the Dolby Atmos effect instantly improved the audio experience.

LG calls the W7's design "picture-on-wall" and, to complement it, the TV maker has created a special gallery feature that puts replicas of world-famous artworks as wallpapers on its WebOS 3.5 smart TV platform. Turn on this gallery feature and, from a distance, the W7 could be mistaken for an actual painting.

This year's Oled television sets are touted to have 20 per cent higher peak brightness than last year's models. The W7 has impeccable picture quality, as you would expect from an Oled screen that can produce incredibly deep blacks.

In addition, LG has added support for two other HDR (high dynamic range) formats - hybrid log-gamma (HLG), a standard developed by broadcasters BBC and NHK, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor. However, it will take some time before these two newer HDR formats will be used, so this feels like LG prepping for the future.

While the Signature Oled W7 will launch in May, LG has not revealed its pricing.


Resembling a slab of smooth stone with its textured steel finish, LG's Signature refrigerator has a rather cool feature.

Knock on its transparent glass panel twice and the interior of the fridge is illuminated, letting you get a peek in the side compartment to check your stash of beverages and snacks, without having to open the door.

Because of a smart sensor at the bottom of the fridge, its doors open automatically when it detects your foot (and not your pet) nearby.

It is also energy efficient and relatively quiet and, like many newer fridges, it uses an inverter compressor with variable cooling speeds. This means the inverter is constantly running at a low speed to cool the fridge, compared with the high- power, stop-start single-speed inverters in conventional fridges.

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