Handy cordless cleaner, but with short battery life

The Power Floor K9 vacuum cleaner does a good job in picking up dust, hair and other debris on the floor and sofa.
The Power Floor K9 vacuum cleaner does a good job in picking up dust, hair and other debris on the floor and sofa.PHOTO: GTECH

The Power Floor K9 is a stick cordless vacuum cleaner from British home appliance company Gtech.

Its design is nothing to shout about. It pretty much looks like any such cleaner in the market.

The handle is where the motor resides. In front of the handle is the dust bin. A rechargeable, removable battery is sited at the bottom of the handle.

You press the power button only once to start cleaning. The cleaner comes with a main cleaning head, an extension tube, a brush tool, a deep clean tool and a crevice tool.

The review unit is targeted at pet owners (there is also a regular Power Floor version). It comes with an optimal multi-brush head that is said to remove pet hair better. This attachment is also good for getting to deeply embedded dirt.

Most people will use the main cleaning head. It uses Gtech's AirLOC system, a front rudder mechanism that is supposed to pick up large debris during the forward motion, and locks in on the reverse motion to suck up embedded dust and hair.

The main cleaning head has integrated LED lights which allow you to better see dirt and hair during vacuuming.


  • PRICE: $848.99 (with multi-brush head and free extra battery)

    WEIGHT: 2.3kg


    DESIGN: 3/5




    OVERALL: 3/5

A nice touch is the LED light at the opening of the main handle, where you insert the extension tube or crevice tool. Thus, you can better see what you are vacuuming, especially when you are cleaning the interior of your car.

The crevice tool is stored inside the handle. This is very handy, whether you are vacuuming the house or the car. Whenever you see a tight spot, you can quickly pull out the crevice tool to get into those hard-to-reach places.

This vacuum cleaner operates only in full turbo mode. It does a good job in picking up dust, hair and other debris on the floor and sofa.

But being able to operate only at full blast means that battery life is its Achilles' heel.

Each battery is said to last 20 minutes, but I got only 15 minutes in my tests.

Thankfully, Gtech is giving a spare rechargeable battery. So you should have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming. But with each removable battery taking four hours to be fully charged, you have to plan accordingly.

The Power Floor K9 is currently on sale at $599.99 with the multi-brush head, compared with its usual price of $848.99. Otherwise, I think it is over-priced, compared to the competition.

• Verdict: The Gtech Power Floor K9 is a handy stick cordless vacuum cleaner with great cleaning power. But its short battery life means it probably will not be your main vacuum cleaner.

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