This model lets you ride and hunt in comfort

Stigo Fast Folding Seated Electric Scooter

Price: From $1,999

The Stigo electric scooter is a curious creature that looks like a hybrid between a small bicycle and an electric scooter.

It has a seat and pedals, just like a bicycle. But, unlike a bike, the pedals do not actually power the machine. Rather, users twist the right handgrip to accelerate, up to a top speed of 25kmh.

The seated scooter has a 250W motor, and is available with a range of either 25km or 40km.

Because the Stigo comes with a seat, Pokemon hunters can be more comfortable over long periods. The 12.5-inch tyres are also larger than those of the average scooter, and hence will be more stable and better at tackling bumps and uneven road surfaces.

While the scooter is quite heavy at 14.1kg, it can be folded flat to about the size of a golf bag, and it comes with trolley wheels so it can be easily rolled around.

The Stigo also has an RFID engine start system, so it cannot be driven away unless the owner is nearby. It also comes with front and rear lights, as well as front and rear brakes.

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