Think Monopoly, with HDB flats and more with Building The Lion

Building The Lion

Think of this as Monopoly with a Singapore historic twist.

Simple to play, this board game can be great fun for the family. Up to four people can play together, but everyone needs his own phone or tablet.

You can jump into a quick match in which you are paired with strangers online, or play solo against AI-controlled opponents.

Players take turns to roll virtual dice on a virtual gameboard. Depending on the space you land on, you can build iconic buildings, restaurants or HDB flats.

  • 7/10


    DEVELOPER: Swag Soft

    PLATFORM: iOS and Android

These properties help you to earn money because when other players land next to them, they must give up some of their moolah to you, just as in Monopoly.

There are special blue squares that let you win Lion cards that tell you something about the country, including historical events such as the MacDonald House bombing and the discovery of Singapore by Sang Nila Utama, and famous Singaporeans such as filmmaker Anthony Chen, writer Catherine Lim and many more.


To win, you must bankrupt all your opponents, or be the first to achieve each map's objectives. The latter typically requires you to have the requisite number of iconic buildings and restaurants as well as history and people cards.

There are three maps - Sentosa (small), Ubin and Tekong (medium) and Singapore (large).

Like the other SG50 games, this offers nuggets of information on Singapore as you play the game.

The game is easy to play and can get everyone in the family involved, but it lacks depth for gamers who are after a challenge.

Oo Gin Lee

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