The Legend Of Zelda - open-world elements


Release date: This year

Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo Switch

The latest instalment in the iconic Legend Of Zelda action-adventure series puts players in a sprawling open world.

The series' hero Link has woken up from a deep sleep after a century, with no memories and his kingdom Hyrule in ruins.

He now has to hunt wild animals, gather ingredients, cook his own food, and craft new weapons from the resources around him.

And when the weather turns chilly, Link even has to bundle up with warmer clothes.

These open-world gameplay elements are probably familiar to those who grew up playing the Grand Theft Auto series. But it is a significant change for Zelda fans who have been following Link's adventures from the beginning.

Unsurprisingly, the game's website tells you to "forget everything you know about The Legend Of Zelda games". But the same website also says the dungeon puzzles that you loved in older Zelda games will still be part of the gameplay.

So far, the signs are good. The new Zelda wowed the critics at last year's E3 trade show and was voted the most anticipated game by fans at the Game Awards 2016.

While Zelda may not be released in time for the Nintendo Switch's March launch, it is always going to be a must-have title for the new game console.

Vincent Chang

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