Speakers with plenty of oomph

The Razer Nommo Pro is a 2.1 PC THX-certified desktop gaming speaker system that consists of two satellite speakers and a subwoofer.

Available only in black, it is a massive piece of gear that needs a huge table to support.

The subwoofer is a huge cylindrical drum, which is 27.5cm in diameter, 39cm tall and weighs 5.2kg, according to my measurements.

The drum sits on three legs mounted on a circular base with an opening through the middle of the drum, allowing its 6-inch downward-firing driver to displace air and deliver the bass that gamers crave.

The subwoofer's rear houses two audio ports for the two satellite speakers, an optical audio port, a USB-B PC port and a control pod port.

The satellite speakers are about 30cm tall and each has two headlight-looking canisters mounted on a circular base that is 14cm in diameter. Inside the larger canister is a 3-inch full-range driver, while the smaller canister holds a 0.8-inch tweeter.

The handy control pod is a circular black puck. Once connected to the subwoofer, you can power up (or down) the Nommo Pro, adjust volume or select the audio input with it.


  • PRICE: $799.90

    SPEAKERS: Two 0.8-inch tweeters, two 3-inch full-range drivers and a down-firing subwoofer

    FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 to 20,000Hz

    WEIGHT: 226g (satellite speaker), 5.2kg (subwoofer)


  • FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 4/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

The top of the control pod has a power button in the middle, with a ring of LED lights around its circumference and a volume knob for volume adjustment.

The bottom half of the control pod has two 3.5mm ports - a headphone jack and an auxiliary audio input - and a mode button to toggle through audio inputs.

The Nommo Pro is powered by Razer Chroma lighting, which can light up the satellites' base from a palette of 16.8 million colours with different lighting effects. I found the lighting effects rather distracting and preferred just having a static green glow.

You need to install the Razer Synapse 3 software to customise the lighting, adjust the bass boost and change the audio enhancement options from THX to Dolby virtual surround sound, which is available in Game, Movie and Music mode.

With the Nommo Pro set to the Dolby Game mode with 50 per cent bass boost, the audio during games was amazing.

Even at 40 per cent volume, the bass has plenty of oomph, with explosions and gun shots sounding realistic. Games such as Fallout 4, Battlefield 4, Overwatch and Diablo III never sounded better.

The audio may not be as accurate as some headphones with virtual surround sound, but I can still tell where the ghouls in Fallout 4 are by their groans, or the direction in which bullets are coming from in Battlefield 4.

I am also able to discern dialogue amid the chaos of explosions and gunfire.

Apart from Dolby Game, you have the option to change to Dolby Movie and Dolby Music to enjoy movies and music. And movies and music all sounded great, though there is not much of a surround sound effect.

• Verdict: Apart from its hefty price tag, the Razer Nommo Pro is an excellent gaming desktop speaker system to have if your desk is big enough.

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