Singapore tops Asia in time spent playing video games: Survey

Gamers at an e-sports facility at Singapore Sports Hub's OCBC Arena on March 1, 2019. ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

Singapore gamers spend more time playing video games than their counterparts in Japan and South Korea, a survey by United States-based content delivery network service provider Limelight Networks has shown.

Singapore gamers spend 7.44 hours on average each week playing video games, compared with South Koreans (6.69 hours) and the Japanese (6.88 hours).

The Germans spent the most time playing such games, spending an average of almost eight hours a week. They were followed closely by US gamers (7.61 hours) and then Singapore gamers.

The survey was based on responses from 4,500 consumers - aged 18 and above who played video games at least once a week - in nine countries, including Singapore, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the US.

Conducted between January and last month, respondents were questioned on a variety of topics, from the types of games they played to the devices they used.

Singapore gamers had the longest average video-gaming duration in the world. They spent an average of 1.56 hours consecutively playing video games, edging out their counterparts in the US (1.54 hours) and South Korea (1.49 hours).

  • 7.44

    Average number of hours Singapore gamers spend each week playing video games.


    Average number of hours Singapore gamers spend consecutively playing video games.

Video producer Seow Yang Wei, 39, is a Singaporean gamer who plays up to eight hours straight sometimes. This happens especially when the game is a new role-playing one, such as the recently released Devil May Cry 5.

Such games involve gamers playing a character in an immersive storyline with a series of quests to complete.

"Role-playing games are like good Korean dramas. When I start playing, I just can't wait to find out the twists and the endings to the plot," said Mr Seow, who owns a Nintendo Switch and a PlayStation 4 Pro gaming console.

He reckons he spends about 20 hours a week playing video games.

Public relations intern Cassandra Choi, 23, plays games for at least an hour a day on her Apple iPhone 7.

The mobile games she plays range from the SuperStar BTS music rhythm game to Drive And Park carparking simulation game.

"I find these games addictive, as there is this sense of achievement when I unlock the next stage," said Ms Choi.

Mobile phones remained the most popular device for gaming in the world, according to the survey.

Singapore and Japanese gamers tied for second place among those using mobile phones most of the time to play games.

South Korean gamers led the pack in this area.

"It is much more convenient to play games on mobile phones, as I can play while commuting, waiting for the bus or whenever there are pockets of time," said Ms Choi.

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