Rekindle your love of table-top role-playing games

Released a year ago for PC, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is known for its deep role-playing features. A new Definitive Edition is now available on consoles.

However, more than just a port, it is loaded with new content, which has also been made available in the PC version via a free update patch.

This game offers terrific entertainment value and freedom of exploration. At the start, the player has a wide range of options to customise his main character, skill set, appearance and background music.

This game will rekindle your love of many elements in the Baldur's Gate-style games. There are varying levels of difficulty, including Honour Mode, which erases all your progress when your party dies.

Casual players have a new Story Mode difficulty level, which prioritises the narrative aspect and offers easier combat encounters. Being fully voiced also makes the interaction and adventure more engaging.

Having the freedom to roam, interact and choose different responses during dialogue and combat may lead to several outcomes, making the game unique and personal.

Many fans of the genre raved about this when the prequel was released. Your decisions will have a cause-and-effect impact as you progress through the three acts.

  • RATING: 9/10

  • PRICE: From $79.90 (PC; Xbox One; PS4, version tested)

    GENRE: Classic role-playing

Returning players will relish the last one, where the bulk of the revisions is.

If you have played the PC version, you will notice changes to the dialogue, which comprises new and re-recorded lines.

If you like to play with a partner, check out the ingenious couch co-op mode. The screen splits vertically when both players are venturing out and apart, but joins the moment both are within the same location. This thoughtful feature is sure to appeal to buddies and couples. You can also connect online like any multiplayer game.

Those keen to test their skills can check out the improved Arena Mode, playable solo or online with a selection of 16 personalities, some new to the game.

Other than the classic, last-man-standing Deathmatch, there is also Kill The King, which requires you to work together to ensure the survival of a designated person.

The Hot Seat mode has players taking turns to assume control, playable on the same machine or online. At every turn, you can move only one character, based on the turn dictated on screen. Mutators, a form of modifier, will appear to provide random effects, causing players to change their approach.

Overall, the Arena mode is a decent compensation for the missing Game Master mode, which did not make its way over from the PC version.

Despite the loss of Game Master, this second release still makes the game fresh for players who have spent countless hours on the prequel, while enticing console owners to join in.

If you have enjoyed table-top role-playing games in the past, there is bound to be something familiar here to rekindle that love.

• Verdict: The Definitive Edition of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the best example yet of how a PC role-playing game can be configured for a wide spectrum of consoles.

• Nizam Mohd is a freelance writer.

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