Kan-Cheong! Kopitiam Saga comes with plenty of kopitiam flavour

Kan-Cheong! Kopitiam Saga

"Kan-Cheong", which means overly anxious in Cantonese, is a game about speed with plenty of local coffee shop flavour.

There are seven arcade-style games to master, all of which take place in a kopitiam or local coffee shop. When you start the game, you must first choose your district. Unfortunately, Bukit Timah, where I live, was missing from the list so I had to settle for Toa Payoh, where I work.

Launching a game immediately pits you against online players from other districts. Each match requires you to play three mini-games out of seven against your opponent. At the end of each match, the player with the most points wins.

  • 8/10


    DEVELOPER: Mojocat

    PLATFORM: iOS and Android


The game that will appeal to all car owners is Auntie Lai Liao! (which, in Hokkien, means that the woman parking attendant has arrived). You have to speed tap on your bowl of noodles while looking out for the Auntie.

When you see her, you must quickly swipe upwards with your finger, to stand next to your car so that she will not issue you a parking summons. It seems easy at first, but your view may be blocked later by passers-by and other obstacles.

In Kopitiam Stadium, you and your friends watch a live football match, and must choose Goal, Foul or Miss whenever the event takes place on the screen.

Easy at first, it soon gets more difficult as the events speed up till they happen every few seconds and the Beer Lady may block your view as she moves across the screen.

If you want a real slice of local kopitiam life, this is the game that will surely hit the spot.

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