Ghost Recon Wildlands - fighting drug cartels


Release date: March 7

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The latest instalment of the popular tactical shooter withdraws from the futuristic setting of its previous games and goes back to the present day, with modern military equipment as we know it.

Set in Bolivia againts the backdrop of the war against drugs, Wildlands puts the player in charge of the elite four-man special operation forces team known as The Ghosts.

Their mission: create chaos from within and break the alliance between the drug cartels and the corrupt government.

Each of the four Ghosts can be controlled by individual players, in a four-player cooperative multiplayer. Solo players will play with three AI-controlled characters.

It is the first open world game in the franchise more known for its urban setting and tactical shooting gameplay, which blends a mix of positioning and taking cover with gunfights and combat.

So instead of tight streets or open plazas, players will have to negotiate snowy highlands, lush jungles or wide-open salt flats.

Lester Hio

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