Get ready for a rush of adrenaline with Rickshaw Rush

Ferry famous people, dodge ERP gantries and fight to beat the clock in Rickshaw Rush

Rickshaw Rush

Of all the SG50 games, Rickshaw Rush is the most original in its design. You and your rickshaw ferry famous Singaporeans around a maze-like map of the island.

You move your rickshaw by simply swiping in any of four directions, picking up passengers along the way and letting them off at designated drop-off points.

Stage 1 is easy. You have to ferry four people to their drop-off points before you run out of stamina.

At the start, you have a full stamina bar but it drops as you move around. In later stages, you can pick up stamina icons to replenish your supply and complete your task. You must plan your route because your passengers will be unhappy if you take too long to get them to their destination.

Your rickshaw can hold only four people at a time. In the early stages this isn't a problem as you have few passengers. But in the later stages, when you have 10 passengers to drop off at three separate locations, it becomes a mad rush.

  • 8/10


    DEVELOPER: Mojo Forest

    PLATFORM: iOS and Android


When you pass through Electronic Road Pricing gantries, they will take a huge chunk off your stamina bar, so you should avoid them.

But, as in real life, sometimes the detour takes so long that you have to bite the bullet and pay the toll.

Like in Angry Birds, every stage you clear earns you stars. To snag all three stars at each stage, you must perform well and meet certain requirements.

Your last passenger for each stage is always a famous Singaporean, whom you must ferry within a time limit. If you succeed, you unlock the VIP's pixel art and learn information about him or her.

There are 50 stages and 50 VIPs in all, covering war heroes such as Lim Bo Seng, famous artists such as Taufik Batista, and sportsmen such as Fandi Ahmad.

At first there is only a single drop-off point in a rather small map, but as you progress and unlock new stages, it gets tougher.

The stages were not difficult until I got to stage 41, when it became a real challenge.

When I previewed the SG50 game candidates, this was my favourite game. What disappointed me was that plans to offer upgrades, such as more speed and the ability to carry more passengers, were not implemented in the end.

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