For Honor - great multiplayer fun


Release date: Feb 14

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, PC

Releasing a game on Valentine's Day is a dicey proposition. Will gamers want to treat their partners to a romantic night out, or will they rather choose to slug it out in a mediaeval battlefield between three of history's most badass warrior races?

For Honor is a fantasy gamer's dream come true, because its premise is so simple yet tantalisingly alluring.

Its gameplay boils down to pitting knights in armour, samurai with katanas and Vikings with their horned helmets against each other in a mutiplayer spectacle of testosterone and battle.

Forget about historical inaccuracies and why these three historically distinct factions are fighting each other. For Honor looks like great mutiplayer fun, where you control one warrior out of an entire army and charge into battle.

It's not all mindless button-mashing though. This game's Art Of Battle control system lets players fight strategically by positioning their weapons either offensively or defensively, which requires a nuanced and steady hand on the controls.

Lester Hio

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