Faster acceleration the Quick 3 way

Inokim Quick 3 Electric Scooter

Price: From $1, 499

Israeli company Myway has been around since 2009 and its Inokim Quick range of scooters is one of the most well-known in the market. The Quick 3, which was launched just last month, takes the classic design from the first two Quick scooters and adds an improved drivetrain system for faster acceleration.

The Quick 3 comes in two versions: Hero (27 to 30km of distance per charge) and Super (40 to 45km). The Hero version is also available with a seat.

While the basic model of the Inokim Quick 2 had a 9Ah battery, the Hero has a 10.4Ah one, which increases its range.

The Quick 3 also comes with a new handle bar which has been redesigned for greater stability, and larger front and rear lights.

In addition, the Quick 3 has a higher watt motor, for faster acceleration. While the Inokim Quick 2 had a 250W motor, the Hero has a 350W motor and the Super, a 400W motor.

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