Chair gives racers stylish support

The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000 comes with neck and lumbar support cushions.
The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000 comes with neck and lumbar support cushions.

Racing-style gaming chairs are flooding the local market. The newest kid on the block here is Vertagear.

Founded in 2015, this American brand has made in-roads into e-Sports and even partnered Danish football club Brondby IF.

One of its flagship gaming chairs available here is the SL5000, from its S-Line Racing Series.

It looks like a car bucket seat that has been plucked from a vehicle and transformed into a gaming chair.

The SL5000 is available in five colour combinations: black/blue, black/green, black/red, black/black and black/white (the version tested).

The last combination looks the best to me, with subtle white lines and white parts breaking up the dominant black finish. Even the wheels come with an accented white finish. A nice touch.

Plus, the black and white combination is probably easiest to match.


  • PRICE: $489.99

    MAXIMUM LOAD: 150kg

    WEIGHT: 24.7kg


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 4/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

The SL5000 has a steel frame and a base made from an aluminium alloy. Its height can be easily adjusted with a lever.

It has a premium stain-and water-resistant PVC leather exterior. Extra dense foam padding provides ample support and comfort. The chair also comes with neck and lumbar support cushions.

However, the height-and width-adjustable arm-rests are made of plastic. I would expect the arm-rests to have a PVC leather exterior too.

The chair fit my 172cm frame perfectly and my body like a glove. This chair is probably big enough for people as tall as 185cm.

The chair's back can be angled at between 80 and 140 degrees. You can lock the chair to your desired recline angle to suit your sitting posture.

Adjusted to 140 degrees, you could lie back to take a nap, though you would need a stool to support your feet in order to recline horizontally. Great when you need to rest after a marathon gaming session.

The extra dense foam padding does make the chair feel really stiff initially. But it provides great lumbar support and will never give you that "sinking" feeling like some chairs do. Furthermore, after a week of sitting, I do not feel the initial stiffness anymore.

Perhaps, the biggest downer about the SL5000 is its price tag. Considering that the SecretLab Omega 2018 is selling now at a discounted price of $469 (original price $620), the SL5000 seems a tad expensive at close to $500.

This is especially so when you consider the Omega 2018 has a smoother exterior and a softer seat. That said, the Omega 2018 can withstand a weight of up to only 110kg, while the SL5000 can take up to 150kg.

• Verdict: The Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL5000 is a racing-style gaming chair that is not only suitable for gamers, but also for anyone who wants a cool-looking chair with great lumbar support.

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