Attractive gameplay for all ages

Disney Epic Quest is an action role-playing mobile game that is targeted at everyone. As such, it is designed to be attractive and accessible to gamers of all ages and skill levels. I managed to get a brief hands-on session with the game.

For a start, it will feature different characters from the Disney and Pixar franchises. Players have to assemble a squad of three, from characters such as Mickey Mouse, Mrs Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, Wreck-it Ralph and Donald Duck, to save their digital realm from a menacing virus that has infected the land. You can collect new characters along the way.

This digital realm is known as Digital Kingdoms. According to goGame chief executive David Ng, there will be four unique worlds in the Digital Kingdoms that players can explore and fight the virus known as Pixel.

Each character has his own strengths and weakness. For instance, some can take more damage or deal more damage, while some specialise in melee attacks or ranged attacks. In addition, each character has an assortment of gear and weapons to get, as well as skills to master.

Disney Epic Quest is similar to Diablo, which has a simple hack-and-slash gameplay. Each character usually has a basic attack, a charged attack and a special attack. For example, Wreck-it Ralph's special attack sees him jumping and landing a plummeting area attack that easily defeats multiple enemies. The animations look fantastic for a game still in alpha stage.

The game also has multiple game modes apart from the single-player story mode. You can take part in multiplayer cooperative battles, in which three players will each control one character to take down a super-powerful boss. The players need not be in close proximity in these multiplayer cooperative battles, as long as all players are online. You can coordinate with your friends to start such a battle, or the game will match-make you with other players who are available.

For this game, goGame has created some of the villains and big bosses in the Digital Kingdoms. But these new big bosses are not collectible, unlike the big bosses and villains from the Disney and Pixar franchises which can be added to your character collection. For instance, upon defeating Disney villains, they will drop a shard. And after collecting a certain number of shards, you will be able to add that character to your collection.

There are also plans to include a competitive player-versus-player mode, although this mode will come much later after the game is launched.


Disney Epic Quest will be available some time next year on Android and iOS platforms. It will be a "freemium". In other words, it will be a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases (IAPs), like Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga.

While details of these IAPs have not been confirmed, Mr Ng says these IAPs will be balanced and you cannot simply "pay to win".

Even from the brief hands-on, this is already one mobile game that I am really looking forward to.

Trevor Tan

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