A gaming chair of titanic proportions

Secretlab's Titan chair looks impressively solid without being cumbersome.
Secretlab's Titan chair looks impressively solid without being cumbersome.PHOTO: SECRETLAB

The Titan is an apt name for Secretlab's latest gaming chair, as it describes both how it looks and whom it is designed for.

The chair is an update to the home-grown company's premium Omega line aimed at those taller and bulkier in size, who may find the sleek racing car-inspired Omega too narrow. It looks impressively solid without being cumbersome, coming in a nice, premium black all over, with sexy red detailing on the sides.

Secretlab recommends that those between 175cm and 195cm tall give this a try. The Titan can take weights of up to 130kg.

The chair's base is 1½ times larger than that of the Omega's, giving plenty of room for those who need the extra space.

The Titan also comes at a relatively titanic price, retailing at almost $600. But you do get a whole host of ergonomic features which have made Secretlab's chairs so popular among gamers and even office workers.

The armrests are fully adjustable along two dimensions - up/ down and left/right - and thus offer extensive support.


    PRICE: $599

    RECOMMENDED HEIGHT: 175cm to 195cm



    FEATURES: 5/5

    DESIGN: 5/5



    OVERALL: 4/5

A welcome addition is the integrated lumbar support in the backrest of the chair, which provides great lower back support. The Titan is the first Secretlab chair to have this feature, which is adjustable with a knob on the right side of the chair. It does away with the need for a separate cushion and provides much-needed support for the lower back.

Those with a smaller frame like me will still find the Titan relatively comfortable. It felt as though I was sinking into the comforting depths of a giant hand, but perhaps too comfortable to be conducive for doing work in the office.

Those taller and bulkier than I am will find the chair generous and accommodating to their frame, compared with squeezing into standard office chairs.

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