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Panasonic NA-FX series' energy-saver combats bacteria with silver, UV light

The Panasonic NA-FX series eliminates bacteria without using hot water

Panasonic's NA-FX series washing machines have a stylish, minimalist design.
Panasonic's NA-FX series washing machines have a stylish, minimalist design. PHOTO: PANASONIC SINGAPORE

Cleanliness and hygiene can sometimes come at an additional cost.

In conventional washing machines, hot water is often required to kill bacteria. But not only does this require more electricity, but high temperatures can also damage the fabric of your clothing, causing faster wear and tear.

But this is not the case with Panasonic's Care+ hygiene expert front-load washing machine series.

The NA-FX series, which was launched on Dec 1, has a Blue Ag+ feature which is said to eliminate 99.99 per cent of bacteria from fabrics without having to resort to a high temperature wash.

The innovative Blue Ag+ hygiene technology combines silver (Ag) ions with UV light to combat bacteria, thus saving energy because the water does not need to be hot. Using water at normal temperatures also minimises fading and shrinking of your clothes.

However, for superior deep cleaning, hot water will still be needed. This is where the Stain Master+ programme comes in, where the hot wash easily removes tough stains such as mud, oil and stains on collars and sleeves.

This versatile series from Panasonic, which sponsors The Straits Times Run, will also be welcomed by parents of babies and those suffering from certain allergies.

Using high temperature water at 60 deg C or 90 deg C, it has an Allergy course that removes allergens.

This function will give peace of mind to mothers of babies with sensitive skin with its ability to eliminate not only dust mites that breed in bedding, towels and certain fabrics, but also other allergens.

Cleaning power is also enhanced with its Active Foam System. This creates fine, high-density foam particles that lift, separate and easily remove dirt that is embedded deep in fibres.

The series also boasts a trouble-free Auto Tub Care function, which allows the machine to clean the tub automatically after every wash to remove detergent residue that can cause black mould to grow and leave smells.

Its wide inlet - 360mm in diameter - makes it easy to load laundry, even large items.

Besides obtaining an effective antibacterial wash without the use of hot water, users will also enjoy energy savings, thanks to its Econavi sensors and intelligent Inverter control, which help to minimise electricity and water consumption.

This new washer series will fit right into modern homes with its simple, streamlined and minimalist design.

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