Dyson Pure Cool Link cools, purifies the air in your room

Latest model of the Dyson Pure Cool Link has sensors that measure indoor air quality.
Latest model of the Dyson Pure Cool Link has sensors that measure indoor air quality.PHOTO: DYSON

The Dyson Pure Cool Link is a purifier fan that can simultaneously cool your room with its bladeless fan and remove pollutants from the air.

It looks similar to Dyson's bladeless tower fans and uses the same technology. The difference: at the base of the machine is a circular HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absolute) filter with microfibres that can remove 99.95 per cent of allergens, odours and pollutants, including particles as small as 0.1 micron.

Dyson says that if you use the purifier 12 hours a day, the filter can last up to a year. Removing the filter was simple and took about a minute. A new filter costs $79.

This model improves on last year's with the addition of sensors that measure indoor air quality. The measurements are fed to the new Dyson Link app - the company's first app - which allow users to monitor the air quality in their homes.

This app (available for iOS and Android devices) also gets real-time outdoor air quality of your neighbourhood from data analytics start-up BreezoMeter and displays it, together with the current temperature and humidity level, in the app.


  • PRICE: $1,099 (tower), $699 (desktop)

    PARTICLE REDUCTION: Removes particles as small as 0.1 micron

    ROOM SIZE: 42 sq m


  • FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 4/5



    OVERALL: 3/5

More importantly, you can set an air quality target for the purifier fan in the app. In its Auto mode, the purifier fan will continuously monitor the air quality and adjust itself automatically to achieve the desired air quality level.

It comes with a physical remote that can be secured to the top of the fan via magnets. But you can also use the app to adjust settings such as fan speed or timer.

Enabling Night mode turns off the fan's distracting LED light and lowers the fan speed to be almost silent.

Overall, the fan does not seem fast enough to cool the room at lower settings. And at its maximum setting, the fan gets rather noisy, though the improved cooling should satisfy most users.

• Verdict: This purifier fan is easy to use and has a useful and informative companion app. But its price is hard to swallow.

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