Dive into the digital future at SG:Digital Wonderland 2020 — Special Edition 2020 with VR Watch Party, Digital Storytelling Contest, e-sports tournament and more

From using AI to build chatbots to seeing ideas being transformed into digital content, the festival hosts free workshops and webinars for all to pick up knowledge and skills

Improve your digital literacy with free workshops, webinars and demonstrations of smart devices at SG Digital Wonderland 2020 — Special Edition 2020, a virtual event (file photo features Chrysan from YouTube channel Wah!banana, taken during the eve
Improve your digital literacy with free workshops, webinars and demonstrations of smart devices at SG Digital Wonderland 2020 — Special Edition 2020, a virtual event (file photo features Chrysan from YouTube channel Wah!banana, taken during the event last year). PHOTO: IMDA

Join Singapore’s first virtual reality watch party, battle it out in an e-sports tournament and participate in a host of other activities as SG:Digital Wonderland returns this year in a special edition.

The annual event, organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to showcase emerging technologies and raise Singaporeans’ digital literacy, will be held virtually on Nov 28 and 29 with free workshops, webinars, demonstrations of smart devices and more.

Packed with first-in-the-nation offerings and exciting try-outs, the programme line-up promises not only multi-sensory experiences from the comfort of your own home, but also educational activities for parents, youths and children.

Discover smart devices on Shopee and the art of digital parenting

During the webinars, social media platform TikTok and toy company LEGO Group will be showing parents how to better engage their children on social media and play-based techniques useful in teaching their children about online risks (file photo taken during the event last year). PHOTO: IMDA

With smart devices becoming ubiquitous, influencers Benzo and Chrysan from YouTube comedy channel Wah!banana will demonstrate in a Shopee livestream at 6pm on Nov 28 how some of these innovative products, either invented or available locally, can help people in everyday life. There will also be flash deals, special promos and giveaways during the livestream.

The technologies include the uHoo Smart Air Sensor, a device that understands the air you breathe, the Skymee Owl Robot Camera and Treat Dispenser for pets that are home alone.

Parents who want to learn how to better engage their children on social media and digital literacy issues, such as how to navigate the Internet safely, can sign up for two webinars co-organised by the Media Literacy Council. One webinar, presented with social media platform TikTok, will feature Singapore TikTok stars @mingweirocks and his father @daddyming who will share their experience. The session will also include activities that parents can do with their children on the video-sharing app.

The other webinar, hosted with the LEGO Group, will delve into practical tips and play-based techniques that parents can use to teach their children about online risks. It will also guide them to use apps, channels and platforms in a safe, smart and kind manner. Mr Dieter Carstensen, head of Digital Safety at the LEGO Group and Media Literacy Council member Professor Lim Sun Sun will share insights and tips on the importance of parent-child engagement. Both webinars will be conducted on Zoom and require pre-registration.

Experience immersive VR parties and battle it out in e-sports

You may have enjoyed watch parties with friends and family before. At SG:Digital Wonderland 2020 — Special Edition 2020, you will be able to experience watch parties like never before. Each of the five virtual reality watch parties organised by media firm Hiverlab will plunge you into an immersive experience, whether it is spending time among the Bajau Laut, one of the last sea gypsy tribes, or soaking in the atmosphere of Northern Ghana’s ancient Damba Festival.

Households participating in the watch parties will each receive up to two free Google Cardboard headsets via mail. Just like in film festivals, they can also chat with the content creators after the viewings. Slots for the watch parties are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Beyond the watch parties, youths and families can form e-sports teams for the first-ever “Wild Rift Community Open: Singapore” tournament and bond as they strive to be crowned the winner. Players taking part in the first e-sports tournament for community teams could even be scouted to join professional e-sports teams.

There will also be a panel session on Parenting in eSports, especially tailored for parents whose child is keen to pursue a career in this sector. You would get to hear from professional gamers on how their lives have changed, and take a glimpse into their rigorous training regime.

Innovate with emerging tech and pick up digital storytelling techniques

Learning to build a robot is just one of the many activities kids can take part in during the series of emerging technology workshops (file photo taken during the event last year). PHOTO: IMDA

Children aged seven to 12 can also try out some emerging digital technologies in an array of fun physical and virtual workshops. The sessions include building and controlling a JIMU Astrobot to complete challenges and creating an image recognition machine to identify and sort objects into the right recycling bin using a camera. Some of the workshops are suitable as parent-child bonding sessions. One of these involves learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI) using HuskyLens, a powerful AI camera, and another is an introduction to augmented reality with exercises to craft and interact with 2D and 3D computer-generated objects.

Aspiring content creators and youths above 15 can sign up to attend the Digital Storytelling Workshop on Nov 28, 10am–11am to learn tips and tricks on storytelling. Experts from the Nas Academy will impart advice on how to tell good stories that can engage, relate and impact, helping you to be more confident in video making.

In addition, IMDA is hosting its first-ever digital storytelling contest. Stand a chance to work with the experts from the Nas Academy where one winner will get to transform their idea into a video and win attractive prizes such as the Nikon D3500 DSLR camera, DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo, or a photography ring light with a tripod stand for your phone. The top three winners will also get to participate in the Nas Academy Online Creator course that is worth $499 per participant.

With a diverse slate of programmes for parents, youths, children and others, this year’s SG: Digital Wonderland will have something for everyone to discover, experience and innovate with technology.

With digital technologies and digitalisation transforming the way we live, work and play, the festival is an unmissable opportunity to pick up useful knowledge and skills in the digital realm, and build stronger bonds with friends and family in the process. To find out more, visit or SG:Digital Wonderland’s Facebook page.

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