A constant drive to innovate is the key to success for this global optical and imaging company

As the world prepares for a post-Covid future, many digital capabilities such as automation and AI will be more important than before

Powered by advanced face recognition, Canon's Smart Workspace Solutions offers a suite of solutions that streamlines a visitor's registration process though facial verification even with mask on. PHOTO: CANON

A smart society where digital technologies empower citizens to fulfil their potential is already forming in many highly connected countries such as Singapore. In everyday life, from remote work to online entertainment, digital is the future.

Signs of this are abundant today. Professionals collaborate with online tools that connect them seamlessly across time zones and geographical boundaries, for example.

Citizens can access a wide array of online services from the government, banks and telecom operators via a mobile app on their phones, without having to physically visit an office or store to carry out a transaction.

That is not to mention the food and grocery delivery services that were so important during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, when movement was restricted to protect against the spread of the virus.

The common thread through all these digital services, many of which are now an integral part of daily life, is the information that flows through increasingly sophisticated and connected systems.

Here, one fundamental building block for digital societies today and in the future is imaging. The technologies behind this enable organisations and users to “see” or make sense of the visual data that is increasingly a big part of a digital world.

In this field, Canon is a leader in developing technologies and solutions for tomorrow’s digital services and products.

Globally, the well-regarded Japanese company has a network of more than 300 companies and employs about 180,000 people. It is guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on living and working together for the common good.

Canon Singapore, which is part of the Canon group, has been advancing capabilities in digital technologies over the years as well.

These solutions have proven critical during the pandemic and are expected to be just as important as the world emerges from the unprecedented event.

To address the hybrid workplace needs for companies, Canon offers solutions such as Smart Workplace Solutions, Business Automation Solutions, and Document Solutions such as Therefore Online – a cloud-based document management solution. The latter even saw a seven-fold increase in interest due to the rapid shift to remote and hybrid working. These solutions enable knowledge workers to better streamline their processes and enable teams to collaborate more effectively and safely.

Powered by advanced face recognition, Smart Workspace Solutions offers a suite of solutions that streamlines corporate visitor's registration process, print management and automated door or gantry access – all through facial verification even with mask on.

As more companies adopt a combination of hot desking and hybrid work model, Canon understood that flexibility is the key to support changing work environments and varying company needs. Its cloud-based resource booking system, facilitating employee’s planning and booking of desk or room in advance, has a fuss free check in process via a scan of QR code or face recognition. Indeed, your face is now the key – mask on or maskless.

Even as physical events and meetings start returning to the norm, it is undeniable that the convenience and accessibility of remote and hybrid meetings remain. Canon's first "4K pan tilt zoom (PTZ) Remote Camera" with auto-tracking function can facilitate a better collaboration space for such purposes across multiple offices and regions.

Separately, Canon’s surveillance analytics enables organisations to analyse their videos and still images for crowd management and fall prevention.

The Crowd People Counter solution, for example, can analyse live videos by real time to count more than 80,000 people within 4 area of interest in a single frame. This allows offices, shopping malls and large event venues to manage crowds better in real time.

Indeed, as the world prepares for a post-Covid future, many digital capabilities such as automation and AI will be more important than before. Business Automation Solutions utilise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology which can automate certain repetitive tasks, thus allowing employees to free up more time for other challenging tasks.

Canon’s Document AI is capable of automatically and intelligently capturing transactional data, which it then stores and makes sense through business intelligence and analytics. This helps companies to formulate new Go-To-Market strategy and allows businesses to expand into untapped market, since business leaders will be able to yield accurate sales data such as customers identifications, buying patterns and more.

Mr Kazutada Kobayashi, president and chief executive officer of Canon Singapore, believes in constantly innovating to be ready to support customers’ digital transformation needs. PHOTO: CANON

At Canon, a professional group of engineers and solutions team speaks with customers regularly to curate a suite of Canon solutions that works best for their digital transformation needs. Extensive planning leads to a smooth deployment.

“Innovation is vital to deal with the potential economic and social disruptions that may occur at any time,” said Mr Kazutada Kobayashi, president and chief executive officer of Canon Singapore.

“Canon is committed to ensuring the sustainability and resilience of our business customers by leveraging our expertise and technology in imaging and digital networking,” he added.

“We recognise that change is the only constant and it is our goal to innovate constantly to keep up with changing market trends so that we are always ready to support our customers’ digital transformation needs,” he noted.

In Asia, Canon’s corporate slogan “Delighting You Always” is the driving force behind everything the company does.

Through Canon’s innovative products that improve people’s lives, the slogan motivates the employees to deliver delightful service that brings on a smile. It emphasises the importance of providing an extraordinary experience to every customer, at every opportunity that Canon has with the customer.

“We believe in building a brand that is synonymous with customer service excellence and going the extra mile for our customers,” said Mr Kobayashi.

“We want to provide an extraordinary experience beyond the sales transaction, and work hard to deliver delight at every touchpoint,” he added.

Delighting You Always is also a promise to Canon employees. It challenges Canon employees to not only delight the customers but also their fellow colleagues. 

“I believe that if we respect and support our own people, it will drive them to serve our customers even better,” said Mr Kobayashi.

“The initiative ‘Big Smile with Canon’ was introduced because a smile is ever so important to us – through a smile, we can delight our customers,” he added. “We also want our customers to be delighted and capture their smiles with our cameras!”

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