The VSN Mobil V.360: One for the adventurers

The VSN Mobil V.360, which is positioned more as a 360-degree action camera, has GPS, a barometer and an altimeter.
The VSN Mobil V.360, which is positioned more as a 360-degree action camera, has GPS, a barometer and an altimeter. PHOTO: VSN MOBIL

Unlike the dual 180-degree lenses in the other 360-degree cameras in this roundup, the VSN Mobil V.360 uses only one lens that gives a coverage of 360 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically.

In other words, it does not really take a full 360-degree picture and video like the rest of the cameras here.

But this camera is positioned more as a 360-degree action camera. It can be submerged to a depth of 1m for up to 30min, so you can go surfing or canoeing with it.

It also comes with GPS, a barometer and an altimeter.

However, the V.360 does not look like an action camera or a 360-degree camera.

Instead, it looks more like a mini picnic lamp, with the lens sitting in the middle and surrounded by a cylindrical clear plastic panel.

On its top, there is a small water leveller which you use to see if the camera is sited horizontally.

The lower part of the camera is made of aluminium. At the bottom are the battery compartment, micro-SD slot, USB 3.0 port and a tripod mount. A water-tight cover protects the battery, card and port, but has a hole that gives access to the tripod mount.


    PRICE: $649

    IMAGE SENSOR: 1 x 16-megapixel

    LENS: 1 x 360-degree (horizontal) f/2.8

    CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

    WEIGHT: 230g


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 3/5




    OVERALL: 3/5

There are no buttons, not even a power button. To connect it with your smartphone, you have to pull out the battery and insert it back in order to start the connection process. I find this to be a big hassle.

Other than the usual photo and video modes, the V.360 app (available for Android and iOS) offers a surveillance mode that will automatically take a photo when it detects noise or motion.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control to help you take photos and videos, but you will be shooting blind. The package comes with a GoPro mount adapter, and another bottom cover with a 3M sticker for you to mount the camera on your surfboard or skateboard.

The V.360 is quite bulky and heavy for a 360-degree camera or an action camera.

However, it is able to shoot videos at a rather high resolution of 6,480 x 1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second, as well as capture 8-megapixel still images.

This is something a lot of action cameras are unable to do.

But despite the impressive specifications, I found the still and video image quality to be only decent. I found clear chromatic aberration and visible image noise even in images that were shot in bright sunlight. But, to be fair, these flaws might not be that visible after you have uploaded the images on social media.

One clear plus point is that you will not find stitching lines that are evident with some dual-lens 360-degree cameras.

This is because the V.360 uses a single lens. However, the vertical coverage is only 45 degrees up and 15 degrees down.

Trevor Tan

  • Verdict: If you want to take near 360-degree photos and videos while kayaking or cycling, the VSN Mobil V.360 is a good choice. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere.
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