Sharp videos, crisp still images

Casio's FR200 is an easy-to-handle action camera.
Casio's FR200 is an easy-to-handle action camera.PHOTO: CASIO

The Casio Exilim EX-FR200 is the successor to the EX-FR100 released late last year.

Like its predecessor, the FR200 features a two-part modular design. The camera module can be detached from the wireless controller module.

Both modules are dust-proof, water-resistant down to 1.5m for 60min, able to withstand freezing temperatures as low as -10 deg C, and can withstanddrops from a height of up to 1.3m.

However, the camera module now features a f/2.8 lens with a field of view of 185 degrees, instead of the FR100's 170 degrees. If you use two FR200, you can capture a full 360-degree image or video.

The FR200's two modules are linked wirelessly via Bluetooth and can work up to 10m apart.

Thus, you can detach the camera module, place it anywhere within range and shoot remotely using the controller's LCD or shutter release button.

If you put the camera module into water, you will lose the Bluetooth connection. And the controller module also does not work in water. But you can still take photos or videos using the camera module's shutter release or video recording button.


  • PRICE: $799 (with detachable remote)

    IMAGE SENSOR: 12 megapixels

    LENS' FIELD OF VIEW: 185 degrees

    DISPLAY: Detachable 3.0-inch display remote

    WATER RESISTANCE: 1.5m for 60min

    CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

    WEIGHT: 238g (including remote)


    FEATURES: 4/5

    DESIGN: 4/5



    OVERALL: 4/5


Powering up both modules takes around 2sec. Once powered up, they are automatically paired. Shutting down takes around the same time. When they are in sleep mode, a press of the controller's power button will wake both modules up within 1sec.

The FR200 comes with only a tripod nut and a carabiner strap in its package. You have to fork out extra for optional accessories.

But I would recommend buying the EAM-4 ($149) multi-angle selfie stick, as it makes the overall handling much smoother. With the EAM-4, it is probably the easiest-to-handle action camera here.

The 4K videos captured by the FR200 are really sharp, with plenty of details.

Although you cannot turn on the Movie Anti Shake feature in 4K video recording, the shakes are not as evident as those using the Curve and Go Pro.

The FR200 also shoots very crisp still images with good dynamic range, clear details and accurate colours.

On the downside, it does not offer the same level of water resistance as the other action cameras. It is certainly not something you can take along when diving. In fact, Casio always prefers to call the FR series outdoor-adventure cameras.

Trevor Tan

• Verdict: If you are not going deep diving and merely requires an action camera for outdoor hikes or cycling, the Casio Exilim EX-FR200 is an easy-to-handle action camera to take along.

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