Bright lights, smart bulb

Qube Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

PRICE: US$29.99 (S$41)


If you wish, you can light up your living room in hues of red and white to match the mood of National Day by tapping on a smartphone. The Qube Wi-Fi Smart Bulb, developed by Innova Technology, is capable of pushing out 1,000 lumens and 16 million colours, with varying shades of warm to cool white.

After setting up a smart lighting system with the accompanying Qube app, users can tweak and personalise their home lighting down to the last detail, as well as monitor their lights from outside. They can schedule the lights to turn on gently in the morning, so that they are not rudely awakened by sudden brightness.

Or they can be set to flash in different colours when the phone they are linked to receives an important notification - such as a call from a number you can't miss.

The bulbs are also equipped with Bluetooth sensors which can be linked to detect smart devices that users carry on them, such as a phone or a FitBit. When the bulbs detect such devices near them, they can be set to turn on or off, which lets users trigger the lights just by walking in or out of a room.

Lester Hio

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