Best sports/racing game

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F1 2013

This latest version features all the drivers and cars in the 2013 season and has racing mechanics that are as complicated and unforgiving as in real life.

For example, you must know when to change your tyres according to weather conditions and tune your car set-up to suit the particular race track.

The graphics are great. All the F1 cars are authentically recreated. The tracks look fantastic too.

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Need For Speed: Rivals

As in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, you can play the cop or the baddy. But this time, the action takes place in a vast open world.

The bad guys must steal cars and escape from the cops by making superhuman turns and adrenaline-pumping dodges. The cops' roles are the reverse, but both sides have some exciting weapons to make the other party work harder for the money.

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Gran Turismo 6

The Gran Turismo franchise is often regarded as the most realistic racing simulator. The sixth iteration continues that tradition with realistic car handling, top-notch graphics, beautiful tracks and plenty of cars - about 1,200 - to drive.

While previous versions have been known to be too difficult for novices, the new edition allows newbies to ease into the nuts and bolts of racing while providing plenty of challenge for veterans.

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Fifa 14

Most of Fifa 14's new features are in the gameplay. Player movement is more realistic. The ball no longer sticks to a player's foot and moves in accordance with the laws of physics.

When the action starts on the pitch, the ambient noise and cheering of the crowd are engaging, and the atmosphere changes according to the home team's performance.

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NBA 2K14

Build your basketball career all the way up from rookie to pro in Career mode. But forget the tricks and combos you learnt from previous NBA 2K games. You will need to learn the more advanced moves all over again.

This game feels just like a live game telecast. The court, spectators and individual players are beautifully and faithfully recreated here, down to LeBron James' tattoos. If you are into basketball, NBA 2K14 is the slam dunk you are looking for.

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