Best Made-in-Singapore games finalists

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Heroes Of Honor (iOS)

Developer: Nonstop Games

This game requires players to hire peasants to mine resources, then build barracks, archery ranges and other buildings, with the ultimate goal of developing a military force to take out enemies.

Where Heroes Of Honor stands out is its inspiration from classic PC game Heroes Of Might And Magic, where heroes are matched to different combat units for battle.

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Brave Frontier (iOS and Android)

Developer: Gumi Asia

Imagine playing Final Fantasy 7 on your smartphone. Gumi comes close with Brave Frontier, a Japanese-style role-playing game. It has fewer buttons to press, but maintains depth in character development and customisation of your battle squad.

This beautiful manga-style game was tops in Apple's App Store in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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Monster Blade (iOS and Android)

Developer: Nubee

Monster Blade turns monster slaughter into a fun game that is also deep and has amazing visual appeal.

Gamers use finger-swipe commands to execute attacks, dodges and blocks. They need a keen eye, fast fingers and good hand-eye coordination as they take on creatures such as a three-headed hydra and a fire-breathing dire wolf.

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Puzzle Trooper (iOS and Android)

Developer: Gumi Asia

With more than 1.2 million downloads globally from more than 150 app stores, Puzzle Trooper is a hit. You form an attack by gathering balls of the same colours and command soldiers to defeat enemy soldiers. You have six seconds to move the ball as far as you want.

In the hands of an expert, linking crazy multiple combos is an awesome spectacle to behold.

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Dusty Revenge (PC and Mac)

Developer: PD Design Studio

One night, Dusty the rabbit comes home to find his house burned down and his wife dead.

Armed with pistols, shotguns and a repertoire of face-busting punches and kicks, he seeks revenge. Along the way, he recruits Rondel, a bear with a grenade launcher; and McCoy, a canine with a sniper rifle.

This action platformer requires you to jump, slide and fight your way out of difficult situations, and the hand-drawn graphics are impressive.

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Pixel People (iOS)

Developer: Lambdamu

Pixel People lets you mix and match the DNA of people from different professions to discover new ones.

The new professions unlock new buildings. Install your pixel people into these buildings to earn money and build new houses, buildings, roads and decorations that will turn your city into a living, bustling location.

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Cubetractor (PC)

Developer: Ludochip

Cubetractor, one of the first local titles to make it to the Steam store, is a retro-looking action puzzle game with plenty of oomph.

You are Cubetractor, a tiny robot. At first, you can destroy bad robots only by pulling cubes over them. Master this and you can advance to more challenging levels where you use cubes to form turrets, boltguns and other new weaponry.

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Conquest Age (iOS)

Developer: Daylight Studios

An excellent mobile game debut by Daylight Studios, Conquest Age comes with impressive graphics and good gameplay. At the start, you can choose to play an assassin, a desert warrior or a northern barbarian.

In the main campaign, you conquer regions and unite the lands. Soon, you can access a skill tree to customise your warrior.

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Ravenmark Mercenaries (iOS and Android)

Developer: Witching Hour Studios

This deep strategy game is all about turn-based combat. As the commander of hired swordsmen, you control archers, infantry, spearmen and cavalry. Starting off with a handful of brigades, you earn money to hire more units as you complete your contracts. Not all units are created equal and the better brigades come with unique leaders, adding variety and spice to your battle tactics.

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Awakening: The Sunhook Spire (PC and Mac)

Developer: Boomzap Entertainment

This hidden puzzle adventure game is the fifth in Boomzap's flagship franchise. As Princess Sophia, you have to find and awaken your parents, the king and queen, from their deep slumber that has resulted from a curse.

You search for clues and helpful objects. Boomzap has carved out a niche in this genre and The Sunhook Spire further cements that position.

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