Best earphones

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Jays a-Jays Five

Known for its budget range of earphones, Jays has finally developed in-ears that work across phones running on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

These allow users to change tracks, play and pause music, and take calls.

There is a sharper bass to these headphones, backed by a clarity that is not too harsh. A great gadget for those on the move.

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Klipsch X11i

Known for its distinct sound signature, Klipsch has packed some nifty features into its flagship model.

Featuring one of the smallest drivers available for in-ear earphones, it offers some of the more accurate reproductions among in-ear units. The realistic sound stage with a focus on the mid-range is a treat. Unfortunately, this lightweight device works only on Apple devices.

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Onkyo IE-HF300

For a great fit and cable management, the IE-HF300 from the Japanese audio brand is hard to beat.

Detachable cables mean users can opt to replace them with those of their choice; it also makes for easy storage for those on the go.

The audio is crystal clear and distinct. It is inclined to the bass but does not overpower the overall delivery.

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Shure SE846

Shure's flagship earphones are pricey. But those who prize stability and an even fit for different types of outdoor use will find that there is no cheap and good alternative.

Packaged with two pairs of Kevlar-reinforced detachable cables, earbuds and connectors, the SE846 is primed for all users and conditions, and delivers sound to match.

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Sony XBA-H3

The XBA-H3, with balanced armature drivers and a dynamic woofer, attempts to offer the best of both worlds in in-ear units, with a mix of warmth and clarity in audio delivery.

Imagine tracks with a greater body to them, but still packing the clarity and focus of instruments playing in the background.

The trade-off is size. This is a slightly larger pair of in-ears and they definitely stick out.

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