Best digital advertising (tablet)


Like in an introduction to a video game, the Lexus roared to life and sped across the screen of the tablet, displaying its majesty and style.

Once the car had zoomed off the tablet's screen, more details of its design and performance flashed across the screen. Tap on parts of the ad that interest you and you can find out more about the vehicle.


Panasonic crafted an interactive series of ads for the tablet that showed more information when a viewer interacted with the ads.

Swipe your fingers across the screen and the ad responds by "blowing" cool air across the room from an air-conditioning unit.

With a short video, another ad revealed the smart television functions of a Panasonic TV, highlighting the importance and impact of well-placed visuals.

Resorts World Sentosa

There are plenty of places to visit at Resorts World Sentosa and one of the highlights is Marine Life Park.

The ad applied a series of interactive pages to focus on the different elements of the Oceanarium and the many species of sea life that it houses.


The Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and Galaxy Note 8 tablet come with a wide array of features that can be too daunting to show off in one ad.

Samsung's tablet ad mimics the gesture controls on these devices, showing fingers swiping across the tablet to bring up a new page that reveals a feature of the device.

Interacting with the audience in this fashion was just one of the ways in which the SouthKorean electronics giant communicated with readers of TheStraits Times.

Singapore Airlines

One of the world's leading airlines created a huge campaign, not of the travel destination, but of the airline and the lengths to which the team behind the carrier would go for travellers.

On the tablet, the focus was just on three images of the efforts made by the airline's iconic Singapore Girl, to ensure the best experience for passengers.

Each photo featured a destination in itself, but enough was obscured to prompt readers to find out more.

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