CES2017 round-up

Autonomous-driving race among carmakers

Faraday Future finally unveiled its first production vehicle, the FF91, at the show.
Faraday Future finally unveiled its first production vehicle, the FF91, at the show.ST PHOTO: TREVOR TAN

There is a running joke among tech journalists that CES now stands for Car Electronics Show. Every year, carmakers will show off their concept car or some concept-car technology at CES.

This year, though, we have something slightly more substantial. The electric car start-up Faraday Future finally unveiled, at the show, its first production vehicle, the FF91. The all-electric crossover-style car has 1,050 horsepower that enables it to go from zero to 100 kmh in a mere 2.39sec.

But, given Faraday Future's troubled past, we will not be holding our breath on when we will see the final product on the road, especially in Singapore where the Tesla is yet to be officially available.

Autonomous driving seems to be the more over-arching theme at this year's CES. This is certainly so with Google and Apple all dabbling in self-driving cars.

Graphics-processor giant Nvidia announced that it is working with German carmaker Audi, Bosch and ZF to bring a self-driving car to the market by 2020.

Major carmakers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford and Volkswagen also showcased their concepts of autonomous driving this year.

Visitors were treated to a virtual reality experience of the autonomous driving solutions that the carmakers are creating.

But we think it will be a while before we see self-driving cars replacing Uber or Grab drivers.

Trevor Tan

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